Biometric Workforce Management Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing facilities have needs as unique as the products they make. In short – no two businesses are alike, so integrators and managers for these buildings need security partners who are able to easily adapt to any challenge. You require the highest level of accuracy, security, speed and flexibility to meet the needs of your largest workforces in your most demanding environments, and in investment in biometrics can help.

Industry Needs

  • User-friendly enrollment, authentication and employee management
  • Durability to withstand harsh indoor and outdoor environments
  • Rapid, automated health screening with touchless features
  • Integration with human resource management software and payroll systems
  • Multi-factor authentication for secure areas
  • Digitized audit trails for effective time and payroll management
Our Solution
  • High Throughput Workforce Management Makes Shift Changes Fast And Easy
  • Rugged Construction Is Built To Last
  • Built-To-Integrate Software Makes Biometric Time Tracking Accessible
  • Health Screening Features Protect Staff And Visitors
  • Time And Attendance Software Helps Administrators Manage Staff With Ease

IXM TITAN, Invixium’s flagship solution for manufacturing sites, boasts authentication throughputs of 15-18 individuals per minute to keep large shift changes moving.

Built with an all-aluminum exterior and Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the Invixium solution for manufacturing is ideal for large workforces, outdoor environments and other challenging situations.

Ready to integrate with your existing HRMS or payroll system, Invixium solutions are designed with plug-and-play use in mind so your business can easily get to work.

Modern access control features like temperature screening and mask detection allow you to limit site access to only individuals who are healthy and following mask mandates related to COVID-19. And, your workforce management system will continue to work touchlessly with face recognition while wearing a mask.

Invixium’s enterprise-level software is IXM WEB, which features IXM Time: a comprehensive employee and shift management software that helps your managers schedule, manage and compensate your staff.


Case Study

Fine Hygienic Holding Deploys Invixium Solution as Part of Their Digital Transformation Initiative

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