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Biometric Security and Workforce Management Solutions for Oil & Gas

Oil and gas processing sites are one of the most rugged business environments in the world, often located in remote areas and staffed by hundreds or thousands of employees. Security at these facilities must be tight to ensure the safety of staff, visitors and the surrounding areas, and new solutions need to seamlessly join other hardware and software that is vital to each location’s unique security infrastructure. Invixium solutions are durable, accurate, high-throughput devices ready to integrate with your multi-layered security system.

Industry Needs

  • Durability to withstand challenging environments
  • Highly accurate access control for sensitive areas
  • Temperature screening capabilities for employees who cannot socially distance
  • Additional built-in security features
  • Integration-ready
  • Built-in time & attendance tracking software
Our Solution

Improve Oil & Gas Workforce Management with Touchless Biometric Solutions

  • Built Durable Enough For The Biggest Challenges
  • Biometric Security Prevents Time Theft & Protects Data
  • Modern Health Screening Features Protect Staff
  • Surveillance And Usage Reports Provide Audits Any Time
  • Technology That’s Designed To Integrate
  • A Time And Attendance System For Today’s World

IXM TITAN, Invixium’s flagship biometric solution, is built to withstand a wide range of environmental challenges with an IK10 impact rating and IP67 water and dust protection, Corning® Gorilla® glass LCD and an all-aluminum body. To prevent vandalism or break-in attempts, IXM TITAN includes a gyroscopic tamper sensor. And with a face recognition speed of 15-18 users per minute, IXM TITAN can handle large shift changes in minutes.

Biometrics are the only ID that is unique to the user and cannot be lost, stolen, or shared among staff members. With Invixium solutions, administrators have the power to limit access to each area of your facility to only the employees and visitors cleared to be there. IXM TITAN’s multifactor authentication options—face, fingerprint, card, and/or PIN—ensure that buddy punching, tailgating, and ID-sharing are no longer a threat to your site’s safety.

The IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit uses tear duct thermal imaging to screen employee and visitor temperatures of 12-15 users per minute with an accuracy of +/- 0.5 ⁰C (0.9 ⁰F), ensuring that anyone who enters your worksite is not exhibiting symptoms of illness, as socially distancing isn’t always possible at work.

IXM TITAN’s camera can be used to remotely monitor whatever the device “sees” live, 24/7. Through IXM WEB or your existing access control software, you will have access to comprehensive reports of all granted and failed access attempts made on any device. If you have the IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit installed, you additionally have access to temperature screening records through IXM WEB’s licensed feature, IXM Health.

Invixium’s enterprise-grade software, IXM WEB, integrates with leading access control software to meet your business’s needs. This solution communicates access attempt, time tracking, and temperature screening data to whichever platform your facility currently uses via Wiegant, OSDP, or Web API.

IXM WEB features IXM Time, a licensed time and attendance tracking module that oil & gas facilities can use to increase payroll and time tracking efficiency. Built into the software are attendance reports, leave and shift management, an employee portal, audit trails, and more. Using APIs to integrate with your current HRMS, IXM Time’s highly advanced features are accessible to all types of businesses.


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