Fingerprint recognition access control

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control and Workforce Management Solutions

Fingerprint recognition is a popular, cost-effective biometric for businesses who want to modernize their physical security on a modest budget. Fingerprint recognition is recognizable, easy-to-use and effective at increasing security for small businesses, enterprises and everything in between.

How Fingerprint Recognition Works

Fingerprint recognition works because individuals’ fingerprints are unique and always available. With just a touch to fingerprint sensor, your solution’s algorithm will do the hard work of enrolling or matching in just a few seconds.

Enroll fingerprint matching


When a user is enrolled, your fingerprint system will convert a RAW fingerprint scan to a series of data points that represent ridges, irregularities and more. The algorithm understands these data points as a series of mathematical code unique to every fingerprint, and it’s this code that’s analyzed and matched – not actual photographs of someone’s fingerprint.

Raw scan algo


After the RAW scan is converted to this code by your system’s algorithm during enrollment, the RAW scan is destroyed to protect your staff’s or visitors’ identities. When an enrolled user returns to the device to gain access or track time, the algorithm converts and destroys another RAW scan to a series of code that is then compared to all codes stored in your database. When it’s a match, the person is authenticated and can go about their day.

encrypted data


The code used to store fingerprint data is encrypted at every stage of use including enrollment, communication and matching. No one can decrypt this code – because the algorithm is unique – to re-create a unique fingerprint to steal a person’s identity or gain access to a place they shouldn’t.

Invixium Fingerprint Recognition: Tangible Benefits

Fingerprint recognition by Invixium offers a wealth of powerful features to enhance user-friendliness, functionality, flexibility and security for your business, your staff and your visitors. When you choose Invixium, you receive:

Invixium Fingerprint security solution
  • Incredible throughputs that keep people moving

  • Industry-leading, scratch-resistant FBI-certified fingerprint sensor options

  • High level application customization services give you the ultimate flexibility

  • Storage for tens of thousands – or more – enrolled individuals for any business size

Advantages Of Fingerprint Recognition In The Field


Fingerprint recognition takes just a second so your user population can move through doors or clock in quickly, and you don’t have to worry about bottlenecks


Fingerprints are unique to every individual, so only those you enroll can access restricted areas or clock in. And, Invixium’s template and communication encryption make it incredibly difficult to steal data


Time and attendance and access control both benefit from the use of unique-to-each-person biometrics, leading to increased payroll accuracy and air-tight door security


Invixium devices are built to last with solid exteriors, but the magic for fingerprint recognition is in two scratch-resistant, water-resistant, FBI-certified fingerprint sensors that ensure accurate readings


Fingerprint recognition is a modern technology that elevates the overall “feel” of lobbies, offices and more. This biometric modality is modern by nature and reflects the digital age of tomorrow with advanced features and elegant design

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