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Biometric Workforce Management Solutions

Workforce management is critical for keeping any business running smoothly. Managing employee time and attendance is especially critical for accurate payroll, quick and easy shift changes and more – all of which ensure your staff has a positive experience getting to and leaving work. With biometric workforce management solutions from Invixium, you can ensure all of that and more – from the first clock-in to managing leave and integrating with your other HR software.

Picture Your Business With
Invixium Workforce Management

Time tracking, shift management and more are all critical parts of workforce management. The intersection of security and human resources is time and attendance, where accuracy is absolutely key for ensuring staff members are at work on time and compensated correctly. And, time and attendance accuracy is key for human resources managers, too, so they can trust their records in case an audit is ever needed. Picture how Invixium workforce management solutions work in these scenarios:


A construction site manager wants to ensure shift changes are fast because his company has experienced bottlenecks when employees all arrive at the same time to clock in using a PIN pad. He’s interested in biometrics for their unbeatable speed, and likes that rugged solutions – like IXM TITAN – can withstand dirt, sunlight, water, scratches and dents because his staff has to clock in outside. After installing this solution, shift changes that might have taken an hour before now take just fifteen minutes!


An HR manager for a large technology company needs a highly accurate solution to integrate with her HRMS to facilitate payroll calculation. She chooses to invest in IXM MERGE 2 because it’s affordable, visually appealing, and ready to integrate with her payroll system. And, she loves that it’s easy to check who clocked in and when, just in case there’s ever a mistake in the payroll system – so she can proactively correct it.

Calculate Your Workforce Management ROI

When it comes to calculating the ROI for switching to biometric workforce management, much of the money is in the shift changes – speeding up shift changes earns you man hours that can be put toward something profitable. But, there are other monetary and environmental benefits, like:


Lost productivity from slow shift changes or time theft can climb up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in the United States – eliminate this with the speed of biometrics!


Ensure payroll is counted accurately, which could save your business money over time


Reduce the amount of plastic waste and card-ordering costs if switching from a card-based system


Reduced false match or false failure rates, as well as high throughput, ensure staff can clock in and out quickly so they can spend their time on productive activities


Invixium biometric workforce management is designed to scale, such as the addition of temperature screening and face recognition while wearing a mask in response to the health mandates from COVID-19

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