Access Control and Workforce Management for Food Processing Facilities

Effectively managing food processing facilities presents unique challenges due to their distinct environmental conditions, akin to construction sites or factories. Striking the right balance between operational efficiency and strict health safety standards is paramount to ensure every product remains uncontaminated. Biometrics, complete with health safety features such as touchless access and temperature screening is the best way to address these unique challenges while overseeing the day-to-day needs of a business.

Industry Needs

  • Face recognition to reduce shared touch surfaces
  • Elevated Body Temperature (EBT) detection
  • Visitor Management for guests
  • Intuitive workflows for all personnel
  • Integration with existing human resource management systems
  • Time & attendance tracking included
Our Solution

Touchless Access Control, Visitor Management, and Workforce Management for Food Processing Facilities

  • Mask Detection to Keep the Food Production Process Safe
  • Visitor Pre-Screening for Seamless Guest Experiences
  • Remote Device Management
  • Security System Integration
  • Workforce Management Metrics

Touchless face recognition on the TITAN and TFACE authenticates more than 20 users per minute, effectively eliminating potential bottlenecks that can happen during busy clock-in and clock-out times at your facility. They both also come with the functionality to grant or deny access based on whether a person is – or isn’t – wearing their mask. This feature compounds with touchless face recognition allowing for hands-free, mask-on authentication that keeps the food production site safe.

IXM Visitor is a licensed feature of IXM WEB that optimizes visitor management for your production facility. Our software allows you to log every visitor for record-keeping, keep track of attestation questionnaires, provide one of many access credentials to visitors via IXM Mobile – digital card, QR Code, and add a guest credential system for a truly seamless visitor experience that maximizes your productivity and safety.

Invixium’s web-based software IXM WEB can help you keep track of all employees and devices at multiple locations. You can monitor, add, or modify the access levels and permissions from anywhere in the world with an active internet connection.

Invixium solutions seamlessly integrate with leading security brands in the world to deliver a complete turnkey access control solution.

Invixium’s licensed software feature IXM Time makes employee payroll easy via multiple time tracking reports and can also be integrated with leading HRMS systems for increased productivity and efficiency.



Touchless Biometrics Ensure Health and Safety in the Food Processing Industry

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