Touchless Temperature for Food Processing Safety

Touchless Biometrics Ensure Health and Safety in the Food Processing Industry

Date: May 27, 2020 | Reading Time: 3 MINS

Let’s accept it once and for all that COVID-19 has brought a new dimension to the world economy. To avoid contracting the virus, people must follow social distancing and hygiene guidelines. In countries with a growing number of cases, governments have forced compulsory lockdowns restricting movement to flatten the curve. The US government, on the other hand, issued an executive order on April 28th, stating that “the Department of Agriculture is directed to ensure America’s meat and poultry processors continue operations uninterrupted to the maximum extent possible.”

A directive to stay open despite reports that areas with meat processing plants have a higher rate of infection than the rest of the country poses a unique challenge for the entire food processing industry. Industry decision-makers need answers to 4 pertinent questions:

  • How do I provide a healthy and safe work environment to my employees?
  • How do I provide comfort so that my employees know that it is safe to come to work without having to touch common devices?
  • How do I keep tracking the time of my employees when fingerprint biometric readers or PIN-based readers may host germs/viruses on the device itself?
  • Will my investment in restructuring the work environment to be epidemically safe need to be permanent or temporary as this situation evolves?

Enhanced Workforce Management in Light of COVID-19

As a leader in the industry, Invixium has designed a solution that addresses the issues faced by the stakeholders in the food processing industry and their employees. Invixium’s direct response to COVID-19 is the IXM TITAN – face recognition and elevated body temperature (EBT) detection device for fast and touchless user authentication. TITAN is the most powerful face recognition device on the market with a user capacity of up to 100,000 and an identification throughput of 15-18 users per minute. With the new Enhancement Kit, any TITAN can be upgraded with a Thermal Infrared (TIR) camera to read employees’ temperatures with up to +/- 0.5°C accuracy while they clock in.

In simple terms: Plants can reopen and employees can clock in with biometrics and have their temperature taken in under 1 second without touching any device. The process remains frictionless and sanitary while delivering a superior experience to both employees and the management of the plant. Since there is no physical contact with the device and the user, there are significantly fewer chances of coming into contact with germs or viruses. Workforce Management can now be made safer with touchless time tracking for employees.

Here are several other benefits of the Invixium solution:

  • Visitor Pre-screening: Food contamination can be disastrous for a business during a health crisis. With a variety of external individuals, such as drivers or delivery people, around your facility, the chances of contamination increase. The TITAN solution can be easily configured for thermal screening of visitors in addition to employees.
  • Remote Device Management: Invixium’s seamless software IXM WEB 2.2 can help you keep track of all employees and devices at different locations. You can monitor, add, or modify the access levels and permission from anywhere in the world with an active internet connection.
  • Security System Integration: IXM TITAN seamlessly integrates with major security solutions such as intrusion panels, access control panels, etc. to deliver a complete turnkey access control solution.
  • Workforce Management Metrics: Invixium’s licensed software feature IXM Time makes employee payroll easy via multiple time tracking reports and can also be integrated with leading HRMS systems for increased efficiency.

To summarise, IXM TITAN is a 100% touchless biometric device that delivers a healthy, safe, and secure user authentication process with top-notch accuracy. Due to COVID-19, many established norms are being replaced with fresh mandates so that shared common places do not become a source of the spread, and TITAN is designed to prioritize the health and safety of your workforce.

Our expert sales team is here to help you through tough decisions concerning your use of biometrics or your security and workforce management scheme. As always, we hope to be your preferred biometric manufacturer not only by offering the best technologies available but by bringing you the knowledge and guidance to make well-informed decisions including a full portfolio of options that work seamlessly together as part of a single ecosystem and a well-thought-out physical security and workforce management plan. Contact Invixium Sales to learn more about our perspective on the COVID-19 outbreak, what precautions you should take, and how you can transition to using touchless biometrics. For more information, visit

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