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What is IXM WEB

IXM WEB is the latest software update from Invixium, bringing support for new products like IXM TFACE and IXM MOBILE, new software features like IXM Visitor and integrations with new panel software in addition to a lot of enhancements over the previous version of IXM WEB. This new release also includes security improvements, bug fixes, and performance boosts to ensure the stellar experience our customers have come to expect from our software.

How to get the latest IXM WEB version?

Read through this page and click Proceed at the bottom of the page. Fill in all the details and click Submit to receive instructions on downloading, installing and activating IXM WEB at the email ID's provided.

What is activation?

In order to serve our customers better, starting IXM WEB version onwards, Invixium only provides tech support to users who have activated their IXM WEB.

How to activate IXM WEB?

There are two ways to activate IXM WEB - Online Activation and Offline Activation. Follow the steps described in the IXM WEB Activation email to activate IXM WEB.

What will happen if IXM WEB is not activated?

If IXM WEB is not activated within 30 days of installation, it will not allow users to use IXM WEB and will redirect them to the Activation page upon login.

What will happen if IXM WEB is not Updated?

Invixium has stopped supporting all IXM WEB versions prior to We highly recommend updating your IXM WEB and activating it at the earliest.

What are the pre-requisites to upgrade to IXM WEB 2.2?

There are various scenarios to be considered when upgrading to IXM WEB 2.2.

Scenario 1: Current IXM WEB version is or
In this case you can upgrade directly to IXM WEB 2.2.

Scenario 2: Current IXM WEB version is older than
In this case direct upgrade to 2.2 is not allowed. You need to first upgrade to and from there you can upgrade to 2.2.

In both instances, if the IXM WEB activation date is more than one year old, you need to also purchase ASC to be able to upgrade IXM WEB.

What is ASC?

After purchasing the Annual Support Contract (ASC) from Invixium, you are entitled to get free priority technical support from Invixium Technical Services Team for a fixed duration. This includes technical support via email (, phone (+1 844 468 4948) and skype (invixium_support). The ASC also entitles you to get future updates of IXM WEB and Firmware updates for Invixium Products which are released periodically by the Invixium Technical Services Team.

What should I do if I have a customized version of IXM WEB or Firmware?

Please do not upgrade your firmware and software if you are using customized versions. Contact Invixium Technical Services for more details in such a scenario.

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