Construction Site Access Control

Access Control and Workforce Management for Construction Sites

Construction sites are one of the most challenging environments for workforce management. Your business is heavily invested in your employees, so you need complete solutions to manage your workforce seamlessly and accurately in such a difficult setting. Your security system needs to be highly accurate, fast, easy to use, and, due to COVID-19, you also need to ensure that your essential workers feel safe returning to their jobs. Make the most of your investment by deploying a comprehensive security solution from Invixium.

Industry Needs

  • Simple and easy workflows for time management
  • Ruggedness to withstand harsh outdoor construction environments
  • Automated and touchless health monitoring
  • Intuitive workflows for all personnel
  • Integration with existing human resource management systems
  • Time & attendance tracking included
Our Solution

Touchless Access Control and Workforce Management for Construction Sites

  • Speed Up Shift Changes With Face Recognition
  • Durable Construction Matches Your Business’ Demands
  • Ease-Of-Use Helps Employees Get To Work Faster
  • Integrations Ensure Smooth Security
  • Automated Health Screening Adheres To Today’s Guidelines
  • Manage Your Time & Attendance Using IXM Time

IXM TITAN’s touchless face recognition authenticates 15 to 18 users per minute while the Enhancement Kit simultaneously screens 12 to 15 temperatures. By using face recognition, employees do not have to wash their hands or remember a PIN or ID card – so shift changes that used to take hours can be reduced to just a few minutes.

IXM TITAN is IP67 and IK10 rated for outdoor use. Its LCD is made with Corning® Gorilla® glass to resist scratching or shattering from debris or impact, and IXM TITAN includes a built-in gyroscopic tamper sensor that monitors for physical tampering and triggers an alarm when someone attempts to remove the device.

Quickly enrol large shifts using IXM TITAN’s mostly automated biometric enrollment process that includes clear printed directions on its LCD. Then, to clock in, your employees need only stand in front of the device, which will then authenticate the person so they can get to work.

Invixium offers IXM WEB as an enterprise-grade software solution that can integrate with any CCTV, HRMS, or other software – even legacy solutions that your business has used for years. The solution communicates time tracking and temperature data to whichever platform a construction business currently uses via Wiegand, OSDP or Web API.

IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit adds temperature screening to your time tracking workflow with IXM TITAN. When TITAN’s face recognition camera sees a face in view, the E-Kit’s thermal camera is takes a rapid a temperature measurement. This solution is as accurate as thermal guns, but adds full automation and speeds beyond human capability.

IXM Time is a feature of IXM web that helps construction businesses achieve accurate payroll and administrative efficiency. Attendance reports, leave and shift management, an employee portal, audit trails, and other powerful features are built into IXM Time, giving you a wealth of data at your fingertips.



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