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A Platform with Features Designed for Healthy Access

IXM Mobile is an advanced mobile access control and workforce management solution that combines touchless healthy access with the convenience of its smartphone-based platform. Each of its four features contributes to a healthier, safer workplace without compromising speed, cost, or accuracy. Deploy mobile credentials for an improved touchless access control experience, enable remote enrollment to cut down on time spent enrolling for face recognition or add attestation questions for a flexible way to screen employees and visitors.

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smartphone access control

As Convenient As
Using Your Smartphone

All of IXM Mobile’s features are smartphone-based, so it just takes basic knowledge of downloading and using apps for anyone to get started. In today’s world, smartphones are always with us, which means that your staff and visitors’ key to building access, time tracking, and health screening is just a few taps away.

custom attestation questions with ixm mobile

Ensure Compliance With
Custom Attestation Questionnaire

Attestation questions with IXM Mobile are customizable in IXM WEB, so your business can ensure that staff and visitors comply with any policies in place for health, safety, and more. Attestation questions can be completed from home using a smartphone, or directly on TITAN via voice commands upon arrival at the workplace.

mobile face enrollement

Save Time With
Remote Face Enrollment

On-site enrollment of a large staff for face recognition can take hours. Cut that time down to zero by implementing remote face enrollment that uses Invixium’s algorithm to enroll people for face recognition using IXM TITAN anywhere.

reduce plastic with digital card

Reduce Costs and Plastic With Digital Card

Migrate from traditional smart cards to digital cards with IXM Mobile, and leave high plastic waste and year-over-year (YOY) costs in the past. Stored in the IXM Mobile app, your staff and visitors can access their credentials anytime, anywhere.

qr code mobile access control

Simple Mobile Access Using Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR code is an easy-to-use credential that is emailed to your staff and visitors. Each person receives a unique QR code that does not require download of the IXM Mobile app, making this the simplest mobile credential option available. Dynamic QR codes change periodically to help prevent copying, theft, or sharing of credentials.

time and money saved

Time And Money Saved
For Other Business Activities

All of IXM Mobile’s features can be access from anywhere – including remote enrollment for face recognition and attestation questions. Asking staff and visitors to complete these steps toward touchless check-in can greatly reduce time spent in potentially crowded lobbies and free up time for your security staff. Mobile credentials – QR code and digital card – are a cheaper, environmentally friendly alternative to physical cards that can cut down on printing, re-issuing, and replacement costs.

healthy access control

Improved Protection
For Personnel Health

When healthy access and time tracking begins at home, potentially unhealthy people can be instructed not to come to your healthy worksite at all. Custom attestation questions combined with temperature screening and no-mask detection, provides up to three layers of health checks to ensure everyone at your building is feeling healthy and productive.

mobile app

App Availability

IXM Mobile is free to download from the Apple App and Google Play stores. Contact your local Invixium Authorized Reseller for a quote to get started with IXM Mobile and its healthy access features for your workplace.

App store

Licensing and Activation

Licensing and Activation

Contact Invixium to get started with any or all of the ground-breaking features offered via IXM Mobile. Whether it be licenses for use in IXM Mobile or directly on TITAN, each sub-app is licensed differently depending on your use case and number of users, devices, and more.

That’s Not All

Future Proofed to Grow with You

IXM Mobile is designed with room to grow, and more features will be added to further improve individual convenience, health, and security as our world continues to change.

Designed with Exquisite Experience in Mind

IXM Mobile, as part of the Invixium ecosystem, blends beautifully with all other Invixium solutions. The user experience is made simple to make complex workflows easy, and every person can choose between light and dark themes and various card designs to customize their app’s appearance.

Privacy and Security

All data captured is only shared between each individual and your business. Data is communicated using high encryption standards to ensure user and organization privacy as well as security from hacking or data theft.

Employee Profile and Details

All profile information is easily available for each person to see on their account. This helps ensure that your business has up to date information for each of your employees and/or visitors.

Use Independent of Invixium Devices

IXM Mobile communicates information directly with IXM WEB. While IXM WEB is necessary to use IXM Mobile, purchase of IXM TITAN is not required. Note that access cannot be restricted using IXM Mobile features if IXM TITAN is not purchased.

Mobile Requirements

Mobile Apps Android OS Requirements iOS Requirements Hardware Requirements
Digital Card Android 8 or above iOS version 13 and above BLE 4.0 and above
Face Enrolment Android 8 or above iOS version 13 and above 2MP front camera
Attestation Android 8 or above iOS version 13 and above NA
Dynamic QR Code Android 8 or above iOS version 13 and above NA


What is Mobile Access Control?

Mobile access control allows you to use your mobile phone as a credential instead of cards, PINs, or other popular authentication options.

How Do Mobile Access Control Systems Work?

A user's mobile phone and access control devices communicate over the BLE/NFC protocol. To start using this solution, an admin creates a mobile credential for the user. The user needs to download a mobile app to access the created credential. At the time of authentication, a unique credential is shared from the mobile phone to the device based on that user's access to the device.

What are the Benefits of Mobile Access Control?
  • Touchless
  • Secure
  • Convenient
  • Eco-Friendly
Why is Mobile Access More Secure than Card Systems?

The communication between mobile phones and the Invixium device is secured and encrypted. It works on the BLE protocol, and it is initiated through the IXM Mobile App. As a mobile phone is personal to an individual, problems specific to cards, like loss or theft, can be avoided. Even if a mobile phone is stolen somehow, it is protected with passcodes and biometrics so thieves cannot easily access the credentials stored on them.

Which is better - cloud-based or on-premises mobile access control solution?

Choosing between a cloud-based or on-premises mobile access control solution depends on the size of your business and its unique needs. Reach out to Invixium support if you have questions about the better options for your application.

What Do I Need to Know to Successfully Deploy Mobile Access?

There are a few simple steps you need to take to activate mobile access:

  • Install IXM WEB software on your PC/server
  • Assign a live /static IP address or domain to that PC and port forward the IXM WEB application port to communicate with the mobile app.

For more information about mobile access setup, view our FDD on the Customer Portal.

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