Data Center Security

Modern Touchless Biometric Security Solutions for Data Centers

Data centers contain any business’s most sensitive information, and thus they need to be well protected to ensure the security of such important assets. To prevent key data being compromised, you need a highly accurate security system that is built to ensure only authorized personnel have access to your facility. Invixium’s biometric access control solutions offer the most secure way to protect your data, leaving PINs and swipe cards in the past.

Industry Needs

  • Highly sophisticated access control
  • Voice communication with security personnel
  • Video surveillance feed
  • Access-based record-keeping
  • Integration with access control panel software
Our Solution

Multi-Factor Biometrics Protect Data Center Personnel & Assets

  • Built-In Intercom
  • Live Stream Video Surveillance
  • The Most Secure Authentication
  • Comprehensive Access Records
  • Seamless ACP Integration

IXM TITAN and IXM TFACE both support intercom functionality, combining an intercom and access control device into one beautiful solution for your facility. Invixium devices are designed to be elegant and multifunctional, minimizing the aesthetic appearance of your security system to create a visually appealing entry.

Through an HDMI interface, IXM TITAN and IXM TFACE built-in cameras support live viewing and recording of whatever the device’s camera sees, 24/7. This function provides an additional layer of security to your access control system.

Biometrics are the ID that’s always with you—thus, an employee cannot lose or share their method for accessing your data center if the facility is secured with face or fingerprint access. Further, Invixium solutions can be programed to require multifactor authentication with any combination of card, PIN, fingerprint, finger vein (IXM TITAN only) and face (IXM TITAN and IXM TFACE only). Invixium solutions also feature a gyroscopic tamper sensor to alert security through alarms or push notification when an attempt to remove the device from the wall is made.

All Invixium solutions provide an audit trail of access attempts—both granted and denied—through either an integration with your current access control software, or through Invixium’s enterprise-grade software solution, IXM WEB. IXM WEB maintains logs of not only access attempts, but also who has logged into the system, changed user settings, or modified device settings. These records provide a safeguard in the event of a break in or hack, allowing administrators to trace back to the cause of the breach.

Through the licensed IXM WEB feature, IXM Link, integrating with your data center’s existing access control panel is simple. Synchronize data from leading access control panels one or two ways to ensure anyone enrolled in one system is also enrolled in the other and their credentials are up to date. Further protect your facility from unwanted visitors with Invixium’s seamless, automated user synchronization tool.



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