Touchless Access Control and Workforce Management for Mine Security

Regardless of what your business produces or where you’re located, your mining operation has several unique requirements to ensure the highest productivity. Your security system needs to ensure that assigned workers can access their assigned shifts and get to work on time. That is, delays add up, costing your business money as well as time. And, due to COVID-19, ensuring that no employee is exhibiting symptoms of infection is even more pressing in mines because of how narrow your miners’ work areas are.

Industry Needs

  • Fast and easy employee access to the mines
  • Durability to withstand harsh weather and high-impact mining environments
  • Automated and touchless health monitoring
  • Simple workflows for all personnel
  • Integration with existing access control systems
  • Built-in time and attendance tracking
Our Solution

Improve Access Control and Workforce Management with Biometrics

  • Versatile Access Control And Workforce Management Meets Your Needs
  • Durability For Rugged Work Environments
  • Integration Options Make Biometrics Accessible
  • Simple Workflows Keep Employees Moving
  • Temperature Screening Prevents Mine Shutdowns
  • Time Tracking Software With Enhanced Flexibility

IXM TITAN’s touchless face recognition authenticates 20 to 25 users per minute, and the Enhancement Kit screens 12 to 15 temperatures in the same timeframe. By using face recognition, employees do not have to wash their hands or remember a PIN or ID card, so shift changes or mine access can now be fast and simple.

IXM TITAN is IP67 and IK10 rated for outdoor use. Its LCD is made with Corning® Gorilla® glass so the most extreme impact (like blasts from the mines) will not disrupt entry workflows. IXM TITAN also includes a gyroscopic tamper sensor that monitors for physical tampering and triggers an alarm when someone attempts to remove the device.

IXM WEB is Invixium’s enterprise-grade software solution that integrates with leading access control, HRMS or ther security software. The solution can communicate time tracking and temperature data to whichever platform a mining business currently uses via Wiegand, OSDP or Web API.

Enrollment for IXM TITAN’s face recognition takes just a few seconds and is mostly automated. During authentication, a user must only stand in view of TITAN’s camera to trigger face recognition and temperature screening workflows. Instructions during enrollment and authentication are read, printed on-screen, or both.

IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit adds temperature screening to TITAN’s face recognition functionality. When TITAN’s face recognition camera detects a face in view, the E-Kit’s thermal camera is triggered to take a temperature reading at the same time as face authentication. With an accuracy of +/- 0.5 ⁰C (0.9 ⁰F), IXM TITAN is as accurate as thermal guns but adds the benefits of full automation and high screening speeds.

IXM WEB also features IXM Time, a licensed time and attendance tracking module that grants accurate payroll and administrative ease-of-use. Use this software’s attendance reports, leave and shift management, an employee portal, audit trails, and more to effectively manage employee time.



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