Access Control and Workforce Management for Stadiums and Sport Facilities

Sporting events are some of the most popular ways for people to have fun with their friends and families. While the action on the field is thrilling for fans, many factors need to be taken into account by the owners of the venue to ensure that this exciting experience goes off without a hitch. First and foremost, safety needs to be addressed. With such a large gathering, guests need to be protected through security scans that won’t bottleneck or break under the stress of thousands of people. There needs to be an equally strong system in place for the staff, who have access to other parts of the stadium that are off-limits to fans. With biometrics, even the largest stadiums can efficiently protect every staff member and guest without tarnishing their experiences through slow, unpleasant lines and processes.

Industry Needs

  • Incredible authentication speed for large crowds
  • Digital functionality to avoid paper and time waste
  • Remote features that allow guests to be prepared before they arrive
  • Touchless systems to reduce the spread of germs
  • Intuitive workflows for all personnel
  • Integration with existing human resource management systems
  • Time & attendance tracking included
Our Solution

Touchless Access Control, Visitor Management, Door Entry, and Workforce Management for Sports Venues

  • Lightning-Fast Authentication to Keep Lines Moving
  • Durable Construction to Stand Up to Constant Use
  • Separate Authentication Options for Staff and Fans
  • Compatibility with Digital Tickets/Authentication Forms
  • Health Safety Solutions to Keep Guests Safe

Touchless face recognition on the TITAN and TFACE can authenticate more than 20 users per minute, easily eliminating bottlenecks at the doors. This ensures that ticket lines keep moving, allowing guests to get to their seats quickly. This kind of contactless, fast authentication is more than just a convenience though, it is also a matter of public health. With large gatherings often expected at sports venues, the throughput capacity can reduce the spread of germs and keep guests and staff members healthy. All these impactful features at the door are a massive improvement that will pay dividends for your sports venue.

IXM TITAN, Invixium’s flagship biometric solution, is built to withstand the rigors of constant use with an Aluminum outer shell, IK10 impact rating, IP67 water and dust protection, and a Corning® Gorilla® glass LCD. Whether it's enduring the enthusiastic crowds during game days or the regular flow of staff and visitors, TITAN with a face recognition speed of more than 20 users per minute, can handle large crowds effortlessly.

Invixium offers multi-factor, multi-functional solutions that provide the highest level of security tailored to meet the unique requirements of staff and fans. TITAN and TFACE both offer four factors of identification: face, finger, card, and PIN. Authentication options like face, finger, QR codes, or digital cards negate the need to remember a PIN or carry a physical card, therefore reducing the risk of card loss or sharing.

Sports venues are increasingly adopting digital ticketing and authentication methods allowing fans to do as much of the check-in process as possible remotely to reduce the time they spend waiting in line for entry. Digitizing attestation questions with IXM Mobile can free up time for ticket counters and security staff, improve convenience for staff and visitors, and provide an audit trail if needed.

IXM TITAN and IXM TFACE come built with functionality to grant or deny access based on whether a person is – or isn’t – wearing their mask. This feature compounds with touchless face recognition allowing for hands-free, mask-on authentication to create a secure environment, instilling confidence in attendees and staff alike.

With room to grow built-in, TITAN can also incorporate additional features that ensure the health and safety of every employee and visitor to the stadium.



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