Face Recognition Access Control

Biometric Access Control Using High Throughput Face Recognition

Face recognition is one of the most talked-about technologies in biometrics and beyond for its ability to touchlessly authenticate individuals’ identities without ever pressing a button. Common in the consumer electronics industry among cell phones, tablets and laptops, face recognition is highly accessible and agile, able to adapt to any business’s security demands.

How Face Recognition Works

Like any other biometric, face recognition is all about matching. When a user is enrolled, the face recognition camera takes a snapshot - then the system's algorithm takes over to do the hard work.

Face detection algorithm


An intelligent, automated process picks out unique data points on a person’s face and converts those points to an encrypted code that the solution can quickly recognize for fast matching later. These data points are facial details, like the distance between the eyes or the shape of the chin, but your facial recognition system understands and communicates the features in mathematical code.

Enroll face


When someone who is enrolled steps up to the camera later on to gain access or track time, your system’s algorithm converts another snapshot to this encrypted code and compares it to all of the stored codes in its database. When it’s a match, the person is authenticated – and all this takes just a few seconds.

face matching engine


The code used to store facial data is always encrypted at every stage of use: enrollment, communication and matching. No one will ever be able to decrypt this code and use it to make a copy of a person’s face to trick a good face recognition solution.

Invixium Face Recognition: A Cut Above

Invixium’s face recognition boasts powerful features to enhance user-friendliness and functionality, offering you and your user population the most refined experience available. When you choose Invixium, you’ll receive:

  • Incredible throughputs 15 to 18 people per minute

  • High functionality in dark or bright lighting

  • Industry-leading mask detection: authenticate individuals wearing partial face coverings like protective masks

  • Liveness detection to prevent nefarious individuals from spoofing others to gain access

Advantages Of Face Recognition In The Field


Fast authentication gets your staff and visitors through the door faster, minimizing potential bottlenecks


People’s faces cannot be stolen or copied, so security managers can rest assured that only permitted individuals have access to secure locations


Unique biometrics and high throughputs increase time and attendance accuracy so you can attain high confidence in your payroll calculations


Solid construction and the on-board high-end camera offer peace of mind that nothing will compromise your face recognition system


As a modern technology, face recognition comes with a “wow” factor that reflects today’s digital age and elevates the perception of wherever these relevant, elegant solutions are installed

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