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Plastics Pipe Institute Protects Guest Health at Association Meetings with Invixium Temperature Screening

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The Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) is the major trade association representing all segments of the plastics piping industry around the world. PPI has over 170 members and associates whose mission is to advance the acceptance and use of plastic pipe systems through research, education, technical expertise, and advocacy. In person meetings continue to be an important part of PPI’s operations, so the organization sought to make new arrangements to ensure their visitors’ safety during COVID-19.

Meeting in person is a critical activity for PPI as they aim to educate personnel and advance the plastic pipe industry. COVID-19 halted all face-to-face gathering as early as March 2020 and did immense harm to PPI’s goals. As members grew fatigued of video calls and webinar attendance dropped, PPI leadership knew that getting back to in-person meetings was a must, and they had to do it the right way to ensure that guests are kept safe. Leadership began the monumental task of re-vamping in-person meetings for their members in time for their annual fall conference with an anticipated attendance of over 150 people. Easy-to-implement solutions included encouraging social distancing and mask wearing, but the organization’s biggest challenge proved to be deciding on an accurate, touchless temperature screening solution.

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IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit Reduces Spread of Illness at In-Person Meetings

PPI considered two options for temperature screening: one that measures skin surface temperature, and IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit, which measures temperature at the tear duct. Upon further research, PPI learned that the dual-camera thermography offered by IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit is the superior choice because measuring temperature at the tear duct, as opposed to screening overall skin temperature, has a greater correlation with a person’s core body temperature.

Due to their location in Texas, PPI was able to consult with Invixium on-site to design two entry points around the Invixium solution. During visitor check-in, IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit quickly screens each person’s temperature to ensure that no one showing signs of illness is admitted to the conference. Invixium further assisted PPI by customizing audio and visual feedback on IXM TITAN’s 5.0” LCD screen with PPI and event branding that offers guests a seamless look and feel while allowing admissions personnel to social distance from potentially-ill guests. By relying on IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit to keep staff and guests healthy, PPI is able to focus on a safe, productive return to the in-person meetings that drive their business.

The benefits of automating temperature screening during the visitor check-in process for PPI include:

  • High Accuracy, Touchless Temperature Measurement:Invixium’s unique dual camera thermography that focuses on the tear duct offers greater accuracy than heat-sensing cameras or thermal guns. The tear duct is the skin surface location with the highest correlation to core body temperature with the lowest risk of being impacted by ambient temperature.
  • High Visitor Screening Speeds:The Invixium solution boasts a screening speed of 12 to 15 people per minute which enables PPI to keep admissions lines moving for its 150 attendees per day. Keeping these lines moving promotes social distancing and a positive guest experience overall by allowing visitors to quickly check in and move to their destination.
  • Hands-On Support: On-site, customized support from Invixium helped PPI design their entrances around IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit for convenient visitor screening, easier social distancing, and increased staff and guest confidence.

“We felt that the overall quality of the Invixium product, specifically the tear duct-based temperature screening, met our high standards for member safety,” said David Fink, President at Plastics Pipe Institute. “We’re really impressed with the temperature screening from IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit as well as the potential for IXM TITAN to be an all-in-one solution for touchless, automated access control or time tracking that could benefit a variety of businesses. I think any organization could benefit greatly from working with Invixium.”

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