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Mara Technologies, a Leading Electronics Manufacturer, Relies on Invixium for Healthy Time Tracking

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Mara Technologies is an ISO 9001-certified Electronics Manufacturing Service Provider in the Greater Toronto Area. Mara was founded in 2004 to service mid-to-high volume customers. The company’s facility is 40,000 square feet with 5 full SMT lines and state-of-the-art equipment to handle a wide range of beginning-to-end manufacturing. With a staff of 100, accurately tracking time and ensuring staff health during COVID-19 became a challenge.

COVID-19 forced Mara Technologies to re-evaluate every process, including time tracking, to support the need to keep employees healthy at work. As a trusted provider of manufacturing services, Mara’s focus is providing quality products on-time as a trusted partner for their customers. This focus means that unplanned shutdowns or shift quarantines were unacceptable. This re-evaluation created an opportunity to improve time tracking speed and accuracy along with safeguarding employee health, so Mara sought a new system that offers touchless clockins, health screening, and digital record-keeping.

Touchless Biometrics and Health Screening Improve Time Tracking Workflows

IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit is Invixium’s premier solution for employee and visitor health screening. A thermal infrared camera combines with IXM TITAN’s on-board 21 MP face recognition camera to simultaneously screen a person’s temperature while they complete face recognition for workforce management or access control. Mara Technologies installed two devices at their worksite for time tracking because of the unmatched speed, accuracy, and convenience this solution provides. Combined with IXM WEB, Invixium’s enterprise-grade software for device management, and IXM Time, the addition to IXM WEB specifically designed for workforce management, Mara enjoys simple, accurate time tracking and health screening with a digital audit trail.

The benefits of automating temperature screening and time tracking with IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit include:

  • Unmatched Speed from Automation: Automated biometric time tracking and temperature screening speed up the process of clocking in and screening employee temperatures, so people can get to work faster.
  • Touchless Biometrics Limit the Spread of Illness: Touchless biometrics limit the number of surfaces touched to track time, which reduces the potential spread of illness at work.
  • Digitized Audit Trail: The time tracking data tracked and analyzed by IXM Time helps management make smarter decisions about employees, shifts, and more while improving the ease of payroll calculation.

“Partnering with Invixium helps streamline entrance screening for employees and visitors. Improvements we experienced after installing TITAN include faster shift changes, more effective payroll management, and a happier, more productive staff,” said Peter Schmied, President and COO at Mara Technologies. “As the future continues to change, we know that an easier time tracking process can help us adapt when our customers demand it. Getting to work easily is critical to staying productive as deadlines shift and supply chains tighten. We’re pleased that our Invixium workforce management system supports our long-term vision.”

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