Core Values

To hold ourselves accountable, we are actively investing in organization-wide initiatives focused on the pillars of diversity, inclusion, and passion.


Invixium is committed to building a team that reflects today’s global society. We actively hire and promote leadership that bring diverse experience and backgrounds to our most important decisions, and our management is active in supporting the goals and ambitions of everyone on their teams.


We take pride in having a culture that supports health, happiness, balance and diversity for all of our employees. We recognize that all of our staff and partners have different needs, so we work hard to ensure all are welcome in our offices. When all are made to feel welcome, everyone can perform to their fullest potential.


Our staff is made up of the industry’s most passionate individuals. From taking accountability for doing excellent work to showing the drive to find answers to challenging questions, we love the work we do enough to continuously defy expectations. At Invixium, we’re about turning bold visions into reality.


Suchit Bhatt

“If you love challenges, Invixium is the company for you. Here, we’re encouraged to think outside the box to solve problems that no one has even recognized yet. This ambitious mindset is true all over the company, so we all feel accountable for and excited about the work we do. Managers are always supportive of new ideas, and I know I can push limits with a passionate team behind me.”

Assistant Manager, Products

Li Zhang

“Invixium is a fast-paced company led by inspiring individuals with a vision to disrupt the industry. That means that we’re always learning, finding new solutions to existing problems. Professional development is a natural part of working here. The culture here helps all of us work towards being our best selves and doing our best work yet.”

Production Technologist


“We’re a diverse team with a wide range of experience. Working with a global team with all different backgrounds – I feel myself growing as a person and as a professional because we each bring something new to the table.”

Team Lead, Production


Invixium’s global headquarters is located in Toronto, Canada with offices in India, USA & UAE



Invixium is reimaging modern access control for workplaces and leading the charge with design and innovation.
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