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Siemens Installs Invixium Biometrics for Secure and Accurate Access Control at Indian Pharmaceutical Plant

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The India-based system integration arm of Siemens, a leader in access control and other security technology, has been contracted by a major pharmaceutical manufacturer to improve security at critical doors at their injectable medication manufacturing facility. Siemens’ customer is a leader in critical care, nutrition, renal, hospital and surgical products. For over 20 years, the customer’s facility in Ahmedabad, India has formulated, filled and finished a broad portfolio of essential generic medicines.

Security and efficiency at this facility are paramount. To protect the integrity of products and employees, the access control system needs to be highly accurate with minimal fail rates, as well as rugged and fast to support the facility’s large staff. For a facility as large as this one, increasing worker identification accuracy without adding complexity or delays to shift changes was an important part of the decision to migrate to biometrics. The new system would have to cover building entrances, internal safe zone barriers and airlock systems that protect the most sensitive cleanroom environments. Further, the customer had recently improved its IT infrastructure at this location, so a new access control system would need to be compatible with new, modern IT solutions.

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Investing In Modern Biometric Access Control Secures The Future Of This Injectable Medication Production Facility

Siemens and Invixium have worked together in the past on a variety of projects in essential industries like finance and data centers. For this installation, Siemens selected IXM SENSE 2 because it is a modern access control solution that supports multi-factor authentication and Power over Ethernet (PoE), which facilitates ease of installation. After a successful proof of concept, over 40 IXM SENSE 2 readers were installed at doors and turnstiles. This system provides user credentials to Siemens’s access control panels and enterprise-grade Si-Pass software via IXM Link. The entire system makes use of the customer’s upgraded PoE+ network and complies with all of their strict IT policies to ensure the highest possible security.

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The benefits of migrating to access control with IXM SENSE 2 include:

  • High Biometric Security: Biometrics offer an unmatched level of security, and the fingerprint biometrics offered by IXM SENSE 2 ensure that everyone gaining access to various areas of the facility are who they say they are.
  • User-Friendly Transition: Integration with Siemens’ Si-Pass software ensures a smooth transition from the customer’s previous access control solution to biometrics, so all staff members from users to administrators can enjoy a seamless experience.
  • Faster Shift Changes: IXM SENSE 2 offers a high throughput that can keep shift changes moving quickly by reducing the risk of bottlenecks at access doors and turnstiles. This increases both employee productivity and quality of life.

“Our pharmaceutical customers require the utmost of security. Our partnership with Invixium enables installations like this one where we can offer our customers a well-crafted combination of physical and data security. SENSE 2 was selected for its ruggedness, but the integration with Si-Pass and Invixium’s digital security are what set them apart for us,” said Hiren Prajapati, Head of National Service at Siemens.

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