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Manawa Networks Relies on Invixium to Provide Staff with Touchless Healthy Access Control

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Manawa Networks, a Canadian Managed IT Services provider, relies on Invixium to enhance security at the company’s headquarters. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Manawa sought to upgrade its current security system to include touchless temperature screening as a way to protect staff, visitors, customers, and the community from illness.

As an essential service, Manawa and its staff need to continue working throughout various stages of lockdown and pandemic-response measures in Ontario. Manawa provides its clients with IT strategy, management, monitoring, and other critical infrastructure services 24/7. Many of their clients’ needs increased in complexity because of the pandemic, as businesses began to allow employees to work from home full- or part-time. Because of the high demand on IT service providers, Manawa management realized that the company needed to invest in reliable solutions to keep their staff healthy.

Manawa Installation

Automated Temperature Screening Keeps Essential Businesses Open

Touchless temperature screening is the hallmark feature of this access control installation because it offers Manawa’s staff an increased sense of security when they need to be in the office. With the ability to work from home, it is now more important than ever for staff showing any symptoms of illness to stay home and not feel obligated to come to the office. If a person screens with an elevated body temperature, the door will remain locked, denying access and directing the person to return home until their fever subsides. Before installing IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit, Manawa took staff temperatures using a temperature gun and logged results by hand in a logbook. However, this process left a large margin for human error, and management quickly realized that they needed something automated, contactless and highly accurate to track symptom data. The digitized temperature log kept by TITAN assures that every staff member’s temperature is screened. A transaction log that can be accessed at any time allows managers to use captured screening data for contact tracing when required.

As an IT company, Manawa also utilized TITAN’s PoE and networking features to make installation easy, as well as RS485 connections to integrate with their existing AXIS door controller. Further, this installation required the ability to pull time and attendance data for any employee at any given time to calculate payroll. IXM WEB, Invixium’s software companion to its security solutions, solved this need with user-friendly records and web-based functionality.

“We are an essential service whose job it is to keep other businesses working,” said Matthew Held, CEO at Manawa Networks. “If we have to go on-site to address our clients’ needs, we need to have the peace-of-mind that our visit is safe for our staff, customers and community. As a business owner, I aim to demonstrate that we are being forward-looking by doing our due diligence to ensure a healthy working environment. TITAN is well-suited to our needs because my staff knows that the door won’t open for them if they have a fever, so they can go home to rest or work safely.”

“Invixium offers the most modern solution for healthy access right now,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium. “Business owners take on a lot of risk and liability by keeping their doors open in these uncertain times. When a business is an essential service, they must do all they can to make their staff and customers feel confident that they are not spreading illness at their office and beyond. With solutions like ours that provide fast, accurate and traceable health screening, managers can achieve this in a very effective way.”

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