Form and Function are Not Mutually Exclusive

The term “form versus function” is really a contradiction in and of itself. Be it a work of art or an electronic device, these two very different characteristics need to work together in today’s demand-driven market for hi-tech products. This is especially true relative to the consumer and business electronics market, where the manner in […]

There are over 100 reasons why TITAN should be your biometric solution of choice. Here’s 5 to start.

When biometric solutions first arrived on the scene several years ago, there was a great deal of excitement surrounding its potential for personal identification and authentication. But as is the case for any disruptive technology in its infancy, there were myriad technical challenges to be overcome compounded by a great deal of misunderstanding. Invixium’s CEO […]

Securing your Data Centers with Biometrics

With the world advancing to the digital age over the last decade, the consumption of data is increasing at an exponential rate. Data centers, which house a large group of networked computer systems and peripherals such as telecommunications and storage systems by various organizations for remote storage, have become hotbeds of sensitive and critical information […]

IXM TITAN at a Live Construction Site: The Story Behind the Video

If you have already seen the industry defining video of IXM TITAN operating in the harshest of conditions at a construction site, then you might be interested in reading this blog to see how the video came to be. For those belonging to the time tracking and access control industries who have yet to see this video (Seriously? Have you been living under a rock), we urge you to click play before continuing.

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