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Invixium Biometric Solutions Used For Security And Convenience Of Luxury High Rise Condo Residents

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Invixium is selected to transform a failing fingerprint biometric solution for US$600M luxury high-rise development in Las Vegas, Nevada, Panorama Towers, with the goal of offering residents the highest level of security and convenience.

A Biometric Access Control Problem No One Could Solve

As part of the 24-hour security that aimed to provide the utmost convenience to the residents, the management decided to install fingerprint biometric readers throughout the 2 towers. This meant that the residents would never have to carry around access cards in their pocket. While the intent and the decision to go with a biometric solution was spot on, there were several major issues they were faced with:

  • The biometric readers were performing poorly with wet or moist fingerprints on fingerprint readers installed outdoors
  • The initial architecture of the entire solution was poorly set up, leading to problems with elevator control and transfer of users to different devices
  • The database continually crashed every 30-45 days

The setup was so complicated that Panorama had multiple different professional system integrators try and improve the experience for the management as well as the residents but to no avail. Then, a final system integrator introduced a combined solution from Invixium and RS2 for a rugged, seamless and elegant access control experience: IXM SENSE 2.

“When we first visited the customer, the solution was a complete mess. Some readers were not authenticating the registered users, there was data loss every once in a while, the fundamental architecture of the existing biometric solution just didn’t work for this application and everyone was frustrated. I am glad I was introduced to the Invixium readers at the time. The design of the readers and the simplicity of the Invixium-RS2 solution was the perfect solution. In fact, we did not even have to change the wiring. We used the existing wiring, just replaced the readers and it all works great! With fantastic support from their HQ in Toronto, we managed to complete the installation within the stipulated time and budget, much to the customer’s delight,” said Zoël Bastarache Jr., Sales at Lanmor Solutions.

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