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Staying Mindful of Employee Time Tracking Via Biometric Solutions

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James Tjan, Founder & CEO of Mindful Snacks, was actively looking for a reliable biometric time & attendance solution to replace an inferior system for his business when he was referred to Invixium. As a businessman and entrepreneur, James knew and understood how precious his time was and needed a time-saving solution to replace the existing biometric system that was already in place. Invixium was selected to do the job right.

As Mindful Snacks grew, their biometric time tracking system became sluggish and glitchy with the increasing number of users enrolled on the device. Employees were required to use the device for clocking in and out daily, yet the process of doing so was a nuisance due to the number of problems users experienced. When it came to payroll calculation, management would have to physically go to the device and download the data onto a USB flash drive to transfer the information onto their computers and generate reports. Since paydays cannot be moved, someone had to go on-site to retrieve the data from the device no matter what day of the week it was.

Finding the Right Biometric Time Tracking Solution

IXM TOUCH was installed inside the Mindful Snacks office, James immediately saw the benefits of moving to a more efficient, reliable system. The install was simple and painless thanks to PoE reducing the amount of cables required and the device is now mounted at the front door where employees clock in or out when they enter and exit the building. The device serves as quite the attention-grabber for visitors and also offers all of the functionality Mindful Snacks management was looking for in an automated biometric time tracking system: report generation at set intervals, ample storage to add future employees and scalability to be used as a broader solution with human resources management or even access control.

“We get a lot of comments on the device from clients visiting the office. They’re very curious to find out what it’s for and when we explain that it’s used for time & attendance tracking they’re usually shocked since they’ve never seen such a well-designed unit that looked like this before! While we were searching for a more sophisticated punch clock system, finding one that offered reports became a top priority for us. That way the system can automatically generate reports and send them to myself or whoever requires access to them,” said James Tjan, Founder & CEO at Mindful Snacks. “The compatibility of all the Invixium devices was important to us since we plan to invest in multiple Invixium units in our next office, that way we can secure sensitive rooms and eliminate the traditional key.”

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