Adopt Touchless Biometrics in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic

Almost every industry is bracing for the potential consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic, a worldwide threat that many of us are experiencing as a first in our lifetime. The travel industry has already been directly affected as families and business travelers cancel plans, yet some industries will be indirectly impacted by the ripple effects; fewer […]

IXM TITAN at a Live Construction Site: The Story Behind the Video

If you have already seen the industry defining video of IXM TITAN operating in the harshest of conditions at a construction site, then you might be interested in reading this blog to see how the video came to be. For those belonging to the time tracking and access control industries who have yet to see this video (Seriously? Have you been living under a rock), we urge you to click play before continuing.

Biometric Access Control in Schools, Colleges and Universities

The use of biometric access control continues to gain popularity around the world for organizations, enterprises and small businesses alike, as they progressively understand the advantages it offers in the form of accurate time tracking, higher security and/or improved convenience. Colleges and universities in particular have started to deploy this technology for varied applications as well as specific challenges, such as the diversity and size of the user population, the need for very rugged equipment, and for flexibility in different use cases.

Biometric Access Devices