IXM Health Monitoring Access Control System Reporting

IXM Health

Ensure Your Enterprise’s Health with Powerful Temperature Reporting

  • Dashboards for Elevated Body Temperature
  • Customizable
  • Personalized Alerts and Messages
  • Real Time Notifications

IXM Health is Invixium’s software companion for monitoring your enterprise’s health with IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit. From tracking employee temperatures over time to monitoring the number of visitors with elevated body temperature, IXM Health is a comprehensive solution that you can customize. Generate intuitive reports, manage workflows for high temperature detection, and more in this licensed feature for IXM WEB.

Device List in IXM Web
Device List in IXM Web
Employee Health Monitoring Dashboard
Employee Health Monitoring Dashboard
Enroll Face for Access
Enroll Fingerprint for Access
Biometric Time And Attendance Software
IXM WEB Dashboard
IXM Heath and temperature reporting


Dashboards for Elevated Body Temperature

Shown as colorful graphs and simple statistics, IXM Health’s dashboard provides an at-a-glance snapshot of your enterprise’s health daily, monthly, or all-time.

Customizable Workflows

IXM TITAN with the Enhancement Kit enables rapid temperature screening, and IXM Health allows you to customize security workflows when IXM TITAN detects elevated body temperature.

Personalized Alerts and Messages

Alerts and messages sent via email and displayed on IXM TITAN’s LCD during temperature screening can be easily customized to suit your enterprise’s processes for visitor and employee screening.

Real Time Notifications

Alerts from IXM Health are sent in real time to whomever you direct the program to contact so your staff can take necessary actions to prevent the spread of illness. IXM Health also includes real time monitoring, enabling you to view what IXM TITAN’s camera sees at any given moment.

Employee and Visitor Screening

IXM Health can be used to seamlessly incorporate temperature screening into your workforce management system to monitor employee health or build it into your visitor procedures to add temperature data to visitor registration.

Multiple Records

IXM Health’s reports allow you quickly visualize the overall health of your enterprise. Specify a date range to track temperature trends for your entire facility, individual employees, or past visitors.

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