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Campus Safety Magazine

From the CEO: Enhancing Campus Security, Health Safety, and Workforce Management with Biometrics

Campus Safety Magazine, a news and information network for campus security specialists, recently featured an article from our CEO & President, Shiraz Kapadia. In this editorial, Kapadia discusses how biometric solutions can be utilized for access control, health, safety, and security in campus settings.

All across the US, universities and colleges count on Invixium to protect and optimize their campuses through the unique benefits of biometrics. Kapadia breaks down the pitfalls of legacy systems that most universities still use and explains how modern biometric solutions can easily overcome them. From athletic facilities that need to have safe, easy-to-access areas for athletes to laboratories and campus housing buildings that require the highest levels of security, the latest biometric technology offers flexible, reliable, and scalable solutions to the most pressing problems universities face.

To read the full article on Campus Safety’s website, click here.

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