IDCUBE Integrates Invixium with HRView to Provide Enhanced Workforce Management

Mumbai, IndiaIDCUBE Systems, a physical security and identity management solution provider has announced the integration of its access control and time & attendance application, HRView, with Invixium’s development SDK for enhanced workforce management. The integration allows for centralized management of Invixium’s exquisitely designed biometric products through a single software platform, further strengthening the partnership between the two companies.

Importance of Workforce Management

One of the biggest frustrations that customers looking for an access control solution face today is the need to manage multiple software platforms to monitor security and workforce management. In this dynamic world, users prefer simple, efficient and instant access to the required data at the click of a button. Invixium’s modern biometric products are now integrated with HRView, a module of IDCUBE’s Physical Security and Access Management Software – Access 360.

The deep integration allows users to interact with installed Invixium devices directly from HRView, removing the need to manage multiple software solutions. The integration helps customers take advantage of a wide variety of features, with instant access to data when required. The ability of HRView software to process information from various inputs and control different output devices allows the realization of complex security procedures and processes.

Some of the critical capabilities made possible by this integration include:

  • Registration, enrollment and setting access rules for new employees in HRView via Secure Issuance – a part of HRView.
  • Configuring and managing Invixium devices including device details, IP address, MAC address and more using Security View, also a part of HRView.
  • Compatible with various databases such as MS SQL Server, Access, My SQL, Oracle 9i, DB2 and Informix.
  • Flexibility to use Invixium devices in controller mode (Standalone access control) or with Access control panels.
  • Reports management for a range of attendance reports.
  • Shift management which includes setting up multiple shifts with respective start times and end times, overtime reports, daily status and attendance regularization.
  • Video analytics capabilities of the software play a crucial role in security diagnostics and forensics.
  • Efficient workflow management is possible through HRView facilitated by organization chart enforcing enterprise wide access rules, different hierarchy roles and restriction of resources to users authorized to assume particular roles.
  • Time synchronization is possible through the HRView platform, when installed across various locations across the globe. The software synchronizes the real-time clocks of all the controllers with the centralized clock server, thus, supporting possible integration between Invixium devices installed at various locations across the globe.
  • The iSPOT feature is a “Who’s Where” feature which lets you find the location of an employee on the premises in real time.
  • Visitor management system to let you setup appointments, allow temporary access, and more.

The full-fledged integration using Invixium’s IXM SDK, was completed by IDCUBE swiftly and was very straightforward in comparison to other integrations. As per IDCUBE, the integration process was made easy with the help of the comprehensive SDK documentation available along with support from the Invixium engineering team.

IDCUBE has numerous projects PAN India with Invixium biometric devices, especially MERGE, for several customers including Hindustan Petroleum Company Limited, Nagpur Metro, Deloitte, SVKM Group of Colleges, Piramal Builders and BASF The Chemical Company.

Divyakant Gupta, co-founder & CEO of IDCUBE, is very affirmative about the future opportunities that Invixium and IDCUBE can explore together. “We are always keen to integrate “Access360”, our open-platform physical security & identity management software suite, with reliable and robust biometric and access control devices. Invixium is one such brand which is known for its ergonomic designs,” adds Gupta. “Tight coupling between two well-known hardware and software brands lets end customers appreciate simultaneously two best of breed products.”

“This is one of our deepest integrations”, says Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President of Invixium. “The aggressive team at IDCUBE is poised to change the game in the Physical Security & Identity Management (PSIM) arena by developing a configurable software platform and integrating game-changing technologies like Invixium. We are proud to have IDCUBE as our preferred VAR for India and SAARC countries and look forward to expanding the partnership to the rest of the IDCUBE sales channel.”

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