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Security Journal Americas Publishes an Exclusive Head-to-Head Interview with Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President of Invixium

Security Journal Americas is featuring Invixium’s CEO & President, Shiraz Kapadia, in the November 2022 issue of their magazine which covers the latest security news and trends impacting North and South America. SJA directly reaches over 91,000 security professionals and has an extended Americas-specific brand reach of 340,000, making it one of the most influential publications in the region.

In this exclusive head-to-head interview entitled “Innovating the Future of Biometrics”, Kapadia speaks at length about the history of the biometric industry, including the founding of Invixium, the widespread acceptance of the technology because of Apple’s iPhone fingerprint sensors, and the shift in the market that occurred in the wake of its launch. Throughout the conversation, Kapadia discussed his design-centric approach to building the best biometrics, with a focus on solving real-world problems for clients around the world.

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