IXM Convert

IXM Convert

Replace Your Biometric Products Without The Need To ReEnroll

  • Revolutionary
  • Freedom to Modernize
  • Automated Conversion
  • Finger Access ControlImprove Efficiency

IXM Convert is a revolutionary module in IXM WEB that allows companies migrate from existing biometric readers to Invixium, without the need to reenroll the entire user population. This is achieved by converting non-proprietary fingerprint images and templates into Invixium biometric templates. The multiple options for bulk data import such as direct database access, WEB APIs and CSV files make IXM Convert an essential migration utility.

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Device List in IXM Web
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The first of its kind – IXM Convert is a revolutionary product for the biometrics industry!

Freedom to Modernize

IXM Convert allows the option of migrating your biometric records to an alternate brand in the future. Customer satisfaction is of the highest priority but if you are ever unhappy with the Invixium experience, we provide you the freedom to change.

Automated Conversion

No manual input is required to convert the biometric images or templates. Once IXM Convert is configured, all conversions are completed at the click of a button!

Improved Efficiency

Switching to Invixium biometric products is now possible as there is no need to manually reenroll the entire user population, a long and cumbersome process.

Potential Cost Savings

See the ROI Calculation table below to get an understanding of the potential cost savings with the use of IXM Convert. All the time saved by preventing productivity loss translates directly to considerable

ROI Calculations

Middle East North America
Number of employees 1,000 1,000
Average time taken to enroll employee 20 minutes 20 minutes
Average time to enroll 1,000 employees 20,000 minutes = 333 hours = 42 man days 20,000 minutes = 333 hours = 42 man days
Productivity lost 42 days 42 days
Average cost due to lost productivity $35/hour* = $280/day $100/hour* = $800/day
Costs for shifting without IXM Convert for 1,000 employees $11,760 $33,600
IXM Convert Cost for 1,000 employees (5,000 templates) $4,500 $4,500
Costs Saved $7,260 $29,100

How it works

IXM Ecosystem

IXM Convert will accept nonproprietary user biometric images or templates (WSQ, RAW, JPEG 2K, BMP, ANSI 378 or ISO 19794-2) from the following sources:

  • Third party database through direct database access
  • Bulk data from CSV file

IXM Convert will then convert these images into required formats:

  • The images will be converted into biometric templates and saved onto the IXM WEB database
  • IXM WEB database will store all data in Invixium biometric record format

If enrollment is done using Invixium devices, we will give you the ability to store RAW images for future proofing.

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