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Seamlessly Synchronize IXM WEB With Your Access Control Software

  • Integrations with Top ACP Brands
  • Eliminate Dual Entry of Users
  • Real-Time Synchronization
  • Architected by Invixium

IXM Link is a licensed module in IXM WEB that allows for seamless integration between IXM WEB and leading Access Control Panel (ACP) software. The automatic (one or two-way) synchronization ensures any user enrolled in IXM WEB is automatically transferred to the ACP software and vice-versa, without the need for any manual data entry.

Integrated With

As of the latest release, IXM Link is currently integrated with the following access control panel manufacturers.


Seamless Data

The frequency of the synchronization between IXM WEB and the ACP software can be adjusted in IXM Link. If this frequency is set to 30 seconds, IXM Link will check for any updates in both the software every 30 seconds and automatically synchronize the data if it observes any mismatch in user details.

Reduced System

User/cardholder data is automatically transferred between the 2 databases. Save time and increase the productivity.

One Stop Shop

IXM Link is architected and developed by Invixium; one supplier to contact for all your needs – biometric devices, support, software, updates and upgrades.

No Duplicate Data

Data mismatch is greatly reduced as no manual work is involved. All user/cardholder data is automatically transferred from one system to the other, making the system more efficient and less prone to errors.

How it works

Flawless Synchronization User data between Two Databases

Access Control Panel Systems provide improved security to a facility and come equipped with a proprietary software. In most cases, the ACP systems support card-based access control and are dependent on third party software to add biometric products and capabilities to the system for user enrollment and device management. IXM Link allows for synchronization of the user/cardholder data between the database of the ACP software and IXM WEB. Administrators can now perform biometric management of users in one software, with the peace of mind that the data sharing via IXM Link is bidirectional (if ACP allows) and seamless.

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