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IXM Time

Precise Workforce Management Using Biometrics

  • Workforce Management DashboardsWorkforce Management Dashboards
  • Employee Self Service PortalEmployee Self Service Portal
  • Meaningful System ReportsMeaningful System Reports
  • APIs for HRMS IntegrationAPIs for HRMS Integration

IXM Time is a revolutionary time and attendance module from Invixium. Using the power of accurate data using biometrics, IXM Time can help organizations improve their productivity and efficiency by generating impactful reports and APIs for HRMS integration for easy payroll management. Developed by the Invixium as a licensed feature of IXM WEB, IXM Time is a leading enterprise level time and attendance solution ideal for organizations of all sizes.

Device List in IXM Web
Device List in IXM Web
Employee Health Monitoring Dashboard
Employee Health Monitoring Dashboard
Enroll Face for Access
Enroll Fingerprint for Access
Biometric Time And Attendance Software
IXM WEB Dashboard


Workforce Management

IXM Time provides 3 additional interactive dashboards that provide real time summary on the global company time and attendance trends. This is critical information for an organization, to help with reporting as well as quick decision making.

Employee Self Service

Employees who are registered for IXM Time are provided their own login details to access the Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal. The ESS Portal provides all applicable employees with a review of their own time and attendance stats.

Time Tracking

IXM Time is able to generate and export numerous reports in various formats (.pdf, .csv, .xls, .rtf, .tiff, .html) for time and attendance, which can be directly imported into HRMS systems for payroll management.


Invixium will provide APIs for integrating IXM Time with leading HRMS systems in order to reduce system administration and help companies around the world execute accurate payroll management.

Shift Management

An absolute necessity in any time and attendance solution, Shift Management in IXM Time consists of shift settings and configurations, which lets the users create custom shifts and schedules to manage the day to day timings of a company.

Leave Management

Configure and manage leaves and accrual policies as per your organization’s needs using the Leave Management feature, which enables you to maintain the leave structure for multinational companies from a single source.


Policies created in IXM Time help the HR department of a corporation to set the rules that govern the attendance and overtime systems during their daily operations.

Reporting Structure

Defining the Reporting Groups and Permissions in IXM Time, helps setup the hierarchy to authorize attendance correction, overtime and leave requests across the company as well as within a team.

Audit Trail

Mainly for use by the HR department and the senior management of a corporation, Audit Trail, like the name suggests, logs all changes, approvals, rejections and pending requests occurring in IXM Time for audit purposes.

ROI Calculations

Middle East North America
Number of employees 1,000 1,000
Average time theft per employee per day 10 minutes 10 minutes
Average time theft for 100 employees per day (10% of employees) 1,000 minutes = 16.67 hours = 2 man days 1,000 minutes = 16.67 hours = 2 man days
Cumulative Productivity lost (225 working days) 450 man days 450 man days
Average productivity cost (Different from Labor Costs) $35/hour = $280/day $100/hour = $800/day
Costs due to lost productivity per year $126,000 $360,000
IXM Time Cost for 1,000 employees $12,000 $12,000
Costs Saved in Year 1 $114,000 $348,000

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