Toronto Dental Clinic Chooses Invixium for Touchless Visitor Screening with Temperature Checks

Invixium, a global leader in touchless biometric solutions, has been chosen by a dental clinic in Toronto, Canada to enhance visitor screening with touchless temperature checks in response to COVID-19. Due to local and national guidance, medical offices – like this dental clinic – are required to screen all employee and patient temperatures upon entry to the office’s lobby using a non-contact infrared thermometer. After exploring multiple solutions, this dental clinic selected Invixium for its speed, design and wealth of touchless features.

Medical offices have been essential services for much of the pandemic. In Ontario, non-emergency dental care was limited at the start of the pandemic, but governmental leadership quickly realized that clinics needed a safe way to reopen while COVID-19 persisted. The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario released guidelines early in the pandemic to facilitate reopening and limit the spread of the virus at clinics across the province such as mask-wearing rules, plexi-glass shields at reception desks and instructions for health questionnaires and temperature checks.

Face Recognition Continues Digital Transformation While Temperature Screening Protects Healthy Personnel

When this dental clinic planned to reopen in the late spring of 2020, its HR manager searched for a solution that was both touchless and paperless to adhere to local COVID-19 guidelines and further the office’s digital transformation progress. Biometrics offered an attractive, unique solution to each of the dental clinic’s needs by providing a high level of modernness, the ability to integrate with their patient management system (PMS) and human resources management system (HRMS) and touchless time tracking and patient screening.

This dental clinic began going paperless before COVID-19 by migrating payroll and workforce and patient management to online solutions. When COVID-19 struck, the clinic suddenly required a solution that includes touchless temperature screening to follow governmental mandates without compromising their paperless initiative. Integration with the clinic’s PMS and HRMS was a requirement so payroll could remain digitized while also digitally collecting temperature screening records to ensure management could promptly guide anyone who screens with elevated body temperature to quarantine for the recommended 14 days.

Mask Detection And Touchless Temperature Screening Modernize Health Clinic Security

IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit emerged as an obvious frontrunner solution because no other option on the market offered the same breadth of integration options and touchless features. Unlike other touchless biometric solutions, Invixium’s face recognition via IXM TITAN incorporates the highly-sought-after solution that performs face recognition while wearing a mask so staff can clock in and out without removing their face coverings and without touching any shared surfaces. And, touchless elevated body temperature detection from the Enhancement Kit takes place without removing a protective mask because it screens temperature at the tear duct. The tear duct, or inner canthus, is known as the skin surface location with the highest correlation to core body temperature when screened, so it provides a strong indication of a person’s likelihood of having a fever.

In addition to its touchless and mask-inclusive features, the Invixium solution boasts user-focused design, speed and accuracy. As all medical facilities are, this dental clinic is highly sensitive to patient comfort and demanded a temperature screening solution with fast, simple workflows. After using IXM TITAN for patient screening and workforce management for over nine months, this dental clinic only has positive things to say about their Invixium installation. Even though restrictions have loosened in Ontario, the dental clinic still screens staff and visitor temperatures to achieve a high level of confidence that their office is protected from illness.

“Our staff and patients’ safety is our priority,” said Shagofa Azizi, the clinic’s HR Manager. “Investing in touchless products from Invixium has proven to be one of our greatest assets in ensuring our office is a healthy place to be. I love that Invixium is a Toronto company, which allows us to benefit from local installers and customer service while also supporting our local economy. I’m confident that TITAN is helping us do all we can to protect the people who come to our clinic, and that is what matters most to us.”

“Being chosen by a dental clinic here in Toronto proves that IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit is a trustworthy solution for healthy institutions,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium. “We are very proud to offer highly advanced touchless solutions for COVID-19 regulations to businesses here in our home city. This installation shows how well-suited our solutions are to protecting staff and patients at busy clinics where health is the paramount concern.”

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