Invixium Temperature Screening Provides Healthy Access At PPG Chemical Plant

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When faced with the overwhelming cost of screening employee temperatures during the COVID-19 pandemic, PPG – a global leader in manufacturing paint and other specialty chemicals – needed a solution that could accurately measure temperature while staying within budget.

When the COVID-19 outbreak took hold in the United States in March of 2020, PPG took swift action by hiring additional security professionals to screen employee temperatures before entering their chemical plant. PPG hired multiple professionals to accommodate the thousands of employees that enter and exit this plant every day, costing PPG up to US$40,000 monthly just to manually screen employee temperatures before they gained access via a card-based turnstile system. Management at PPG saw a clear need: integrating automated temperature screening with their access control system would save them hundreds of thousands year over year.

Automated Temperature Screening Protects Staff And Stays Under Budget

PPG reached out to Louisiana Radio Communications (LRC Wireless), a system integrator in the Southeast United States with expertise in chemical plant security. As the plant was already using OnGuard® by LenelS2 for access control, integration of temperature screening with the access control system was a key quality-of-life feature management wanted. Enter Invixium: a premier manufacturer of healthy access solutions and an OAAP partner of LenelS2. LRC Wireless proposed IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit to PPG for its automated functionality, integration with LenelS2 for access control and because rapid automation keeps shift changes fast while saving nearly US$500,000 in staffing costs compared to manual temperature screening solutions.


PPG’s benefits of automating their temperature screening with IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit include:

  • Budget Savings: Automating security solutions creates budget savings that can be re-allocated to other department or business needs
  • Faster Shift Changes: Automation also keeps shift changes moving faster than they would with manual temperature measurement. A shift change that might take an hour now takes minutes!
  • Healthy Access Audit Trail: Temperature screening integrated with access control software like OnGuard allows managers to keep a record of screening events so they know when someone screens with an elevated body temperature – and can then take appropriate preventive actions

“Businesses must accept that the need for healthy access is here to stay,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium. “Leaders like PPG know it is their responsibility to assure staff that everyone around them is healthy and they are not at risk of illness. Our solution achieves this in a way that is fast and accurate while also minimizing security costs by automating the entire process. The results of this installation and cost savings are proof that automated health screening is the future of healthy access.”

“Invixium offers a portfolio of really impressive products. These are exciting, relevant solutions that LRC is proud to offer customers like PPG who need a modern solution to a problem we couldn’t even imagine having two years ago. Working with Invixium, LenelS2 and PPG’s in-house team, we were able to create a system that met every need PPG had,” said Jacob Brown, Sales Executive at LRC Wireless.

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