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Invixium Announces Global Distribution Agreement with Honeywell

Invixium’s Touchless Biometric Solutions Complement Honeywell’s Healthy Buildings Solutions

Toronto, Canada (August 24, 2020) Invixium, a premier manufacturer of innovative touchless biometric solutions, has entered into a global distribution agreement with Honeywell Commercial Security (NYSE: HON). Honeywell will resell Invixium’s full line of contactless biometric products to its global network of systems integrators and resellers, further expanding Invixium’s comprehensive network of security partners.

Invixium products integrate with Honeywell’s Pro-Watch Security Management Suite through IXM WEB, Invixium’s enterprise-grade software solution. This integration allows for one- or two-way database-to-database synchronization of user credentials between the two applications to streamline the process of implementing access control solutions with both Invixium and Honeywell products.

The new global agreement with Honeywell Commercial Security follows Invixium’s release of two new touchless biometric solutions to help businesses in their reopening strategies. First is the TITAN Enhancement Kit that transforms the company’s flagship IXM TITAN device into a health kiosk that uses dual-camera tear duct thermography to screen user temperatures as part of a complete, touchless, temperature-based access control or workforce management solution. The second is the migration of IXM TOUCH 2 to fully touchless operation via an affordable software upgrade to allow face recognition for up to 5000 users in less demanding contactless security applications.

“This agreement allows us to expand our frictionless access offerings to provide our enterprise customers with choices as we work with them to customize their integrated security systems solutions and support their reopening strategies,” Marcus Logan, Global Offering Leader, Enterprise Solutions, Honeywell Commercial Security. “Invixium’s touchless biometric solutions align with Healthy Buildings solutions to help our customers create safer and healthier environments.”

“This agreement with Honeywell allows us to better support organizations around the world as they focus on protecting their workforces and restoring business operations,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President of Invixium. “The latest additions to our continually evolving portfolio of biometric products provide Honeywell Commercial Security’s global network of resellers with solutions for an ever-changing business environment going forward.”

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