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Invixium Partners with African Digital Distribution for East Africa

Markham, Canada – Invixium Access Inc., manufacturer of modern, IP-based biometric products has announced that African Digital Distribution (“ADD”) has been named a distributor of their modern biometric access control products for East Africa, including Kenya, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

The partnership with ADD will help increase awareness of the Invixium brand in Africa and allow existing customers of ADD, the option of expanding their business with Invixium’s modern biometric products, manufactured in Canada ensuring high quality construction and reliability.

With over 30 years accumulated experience in the security space, ADD is a provider of CCTV, security and access control solutions with long standing partnerships with local system integrators, consultants and resellers. Their company slogan “Whatever IT Takes” has continued to resonate with their customer base and CEO Nasrullah Khan feels that the Invixium offering can disrupt the current market with the best designed, highest quality and innovative biometric products.

Nasrullah Khan, CEO at ADD commented, “It has been a pleasure watching Invixium grow and establish itself as a brand known for well-designed, cutting edge biometric products that work in rugged environments. We are excited about this partnership and are eager to promote and support the full range of Invixium products to our entire network of customers throughout East Africa.”

Invixium products provide secure access control and convenient time and attendance tracking of employees. They are ideal biometric products for the African market due to the incorporation of rugged components like multispectral imaging fingerprint sensors from Lumidigm on the IXM TITAN, IXM SENSE 2 and TOUCH 2 products along with highly durable, IP65 and IK08 protected exterior making them very suitable for deployments in outdoor harsh environments. The TITAN ramps up further by achieving IK10 impact protection. To round out the full suite, the IXM MYCRO is a biometric workhorse when it comes to access control and the IXM MERGE is a compact device suitable for both access control and time and attendance applications.

“Our long-term strategy is growth through partnerships,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President of Invixium. “The excitement is high as we expand into Africa due to the tremendous potential that this region holds for high-tech security products and specifically biometric solutions. We are honoured to have the experience, reach and support of the team at ADD all the way from the top and am pleased that integrators and customers in East Africa can now purchase our exquisitely designed products from ADD,” added Kapadia.

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