Square peg in a round hole?

Need to migrate from your existing biometric systems?

Would like to use your existing fingerprint database and eliminate the need for re-enrollment?

Is there a biometric problem nobody else has been able to solve?

If you want it, IXM can do it…

Yes, we can!

Every enterprise, smart home or industry has a particular need, even when it comes to biometric access control devices. In an era of increased personalization, we pride ourselves on customizing the products as per the requirements of the consumer. At Invixium, we know and understand that no two projects are alike. Our differentiation as a product manufacturer is the ability to offer engineering customizations to our customers and our willingness to complete multiple site visits to ensure complete satisfaction at the end of the day.In fact, we at Invixium love being challenged with projects where the customer requires something different than what we have to offer. It helps us learn more and satisfies the needs of the customer at the same time, which according to us is a value creating win-win scenario. So go ahead and challenge us! Invixium will customize…

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Biometric Access Devices