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From the CEO: Thoughts on IFSEC Global’s 2021 Access Control Trends

Date: February 17, 2021 | Reading Time: 4 MINS

Trends are ever-changing in our dynamic world. Every business should aim to create a bold vision for the future to get ahead of these trends. That is my mission as CEO and President at Invixium. When IFSEC Global published its analysis of trends for 2021 in access control, I feel a sense of pride.

Identifying trends early is what sets leaders apart from the rest of their industry. As soon as COVID-19 took over business conversations, my team leaped into action to enhance our portfolio with a touchless biometric solution with temperature screening. We were one of the first to market with touchless temperature screening and authentication because we always ask, “What else?”

Suddenly, TITAN became a platform for growth and adaptation. Let’s now dive into IFSEC Global’s trends and evaluate what adaptations access control manufacturers can take next.

Mobile Technology Influences Every Industry

We are always on our phones. Many of us feel anxious without our phones with us, so it makes sense that almost every industry has expanded to include mobile credentials, apps, and other services. Like any access control technology, mobile has pros and cons. While it is convenient and accessible for most businesses with a low cost of ownership, you’ll have to rely on your staff having a smart device or offer to purchase smartphones for them.

Further, phones are very personal. Employees may resist having apps for work on their phones or may not want a separate phone for business. From a security point of view, older phones may not be as secure as the leading brands, raising questions about the risk of hacking or data theft from a mobile-based system. So, I feel this is a reasonable replacement for cards – which can be shared, lost or stolen – but not so much for biometrics.

Multi-Factor Access Control Is Here To Stay

Multi-factor and multi-modal authentication are nothing new: we have offered multi-factor and multi-modal products since our incorporation as a company because we believe two biometrics are better than one when a business wants the highest level of security. The difference between the two is important to note. Multi-factor authentication proves a person’s identity with two methods like a password and a PIN. Multi-modal takes this further by layering biometrics, like face recognition and fingerprint, to enhance building security.

Many industries are already using multi-factor authentication, from financial services to government to transportation. As more businesses are showing interest in biometrics for their touchless capabilities, I view multi-factor authentication as an opportunity for security installers and enterprise managers. If a business is interested in migrating from a card or PIN system to biometrics, multi-factor solutions offer a smoother process. Multi-factor systems boast the flexibility to add biometrics to an existing card or PIN system and aid in this transition.

Touchless Biometrics Are Picking Up Incredible Pace

We are biometrics people at Invixium. Biometrics are our core competency, so our solutions and expertise focus on excellence in biometric security. IFSEC says the global biometric market will grow five-fold by 2030, and I believe face recognition will scale ten-fold by then for a few reasons. First, face recognition is already everywhere: we use it to unlock our phones, access bank accounts, and more. It is a technology that much of the general public is already comfortable with. Businesses looking for a new, touchless technology to secure their buildings without endangering employee health should look to what is already popular in the market for hints at what would work in your facility.

Second, biometrics offer a higher level of security than cards and PINs, for example. Employees cannot trade faces, and biometrics offer incredibly low false-match rates that decrease when more than one biometric is used. We have a heightened sense of security during COVID-19 that is here to stay as we get used to working in a health-focused society. It is now more important than ever to assure people that buildings are safe to be inside, and biometrics offer the security and scalability to provide that peace of mind.

Subscription Models Offer Much-Needed Flexibility

The COVID-19 pandemic has provoked business leaders to look for creative ways to cut costs in all parts of their enterprises. Access control suppliers offering subscription or cloud-based models can help by customizing a package that supports each business’s unique needs. SaaS as a concept is much more customizable, though it switches access control from a capital expense to an operating expense because of its pay-as-you-go approach. However, this is an attractive trend because the world we work in today requires more flexibility than it ever has before.

Hygiene Is Now Fundamental

Avoiding touch is another side-effect of the pandemic that I feel is here to stay. Most people no longer want to touch shared surfaces, such as a touchscreen or PIN pad, so offering a touchless option is now an access control requirement. Furthermore, temperature checks and symptom questionnaires will remain for a long time. Each business has a responsibility to their staff and visitors to prevent sick people from entering and spreading illnesses indoors.

Health-oriented access control is not the only thing you need to make your business healthy, but it offers undeniable benefits. Consider how your access control layers with your current security system, from CCTV to IT and beyond. Healthy access control like touchless authentication and temperature screening layer with contact tracing and social distancing. Access control is a necessary part of the whole, so choosing a solution with health features that integrate with the rest of your business is paramount.

Adaptation Is The New Innovation

While we know that everything we work on today may not be relevant tomorrow, the race to provide the market with the most relevant solutions drives adaptation. Even if temperature screening becomes obsolete in the future, I am very proud of my team’s ability to adapt. In fact, adaptation is the new innovation. It is no longer enough to be ahead of the curve on technology. Instead, business leaders must focus on adapting to meet the needs of tomorrow’s market.

Our expert sales team is here to help you select the best touchless biometric access control solution for your business based on your unique needs. As always, Invixium strives to be your preferred biometric manufacturer by offering the finest technology on the market with knowledgeable guidance.

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