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Learn How Invixium’s Customized Biometric Solutions Can Deliver Value to Your Business

Invixium has been creating some of the most impactful biometric solutions on the market for years, helping clients to successfully address their access control and workforce management concerns. While the diverse and flexible portfolio of products and software we have developed have been paramount to our success in the biometric industry, we also understand that off-the-shelf solutions won’t work for every project. Some businesses need a more sophisticated approach to achieve their goals.

You Deserve a Tailored Experience

You’ve worked hard to establish your enterprise, so why should you settle for a biometric solution that doesn’t completely meet your needs? Invixium has a long track record of working closely with our customers to construct customized solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements. We are passionate about delivering value and giving our clients the ideal solution to their real-world problems.

Our Customization Process

Our unique approach starts with a dedicated team of engineering personnel that focuses solely on customization projects. This team has addressed many of the most common concerns businesses face, like legacy software programs, switching from physical cards to biometrics, or adding specialized security measures. No matter what type of unique problem your organization is facing, our team is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure complete satisfaction.


Step 1: Getting a Quote

Getting a quote from Invixium is fast and simple. A description of the problem is all that is required, then an estimate is determined.

Step 2: Documentation

Formulating the Product Customization Document (PCD) starts with a conference call between all project stakeholders to develop a proposed solution in high detail.

Step 3: Development and Execution

Our dedicated team of developers works off of the specifications outlined in the PCD and the customization is thoroughly tested by our Quality Assurance team before delivery.

Step 4: Client Evaluation

Customers are encouraged to test the customization in their own settings to make sure that it operates as intended.

Step 5: Final Delivery

After the process is complete, we have a team of experts on standby, ready to help you with any issues or questions that may arise in the future.

Leverage Customizations for Your Brand

Unlike many other companies that are quick to say no, Invixium always says yes to going the extra mile and helping our customers. Most of the clients who come to us for customizations tell us that the marketplace is full of other manufacturers that only offer preexisting, off-the-shelf solutions that cannot meet 100% of their requirements. We are often told that we are the only company that takes challenges head-on and delivers customized solutions to our clients.

Here at Invixium, new challenges are exciting to us and we like complexity. We use our decades of industry expertise to create new solutions to pressing problems. So when you call us with a customization in mind, no matter its complexity, you can count on us to see it through and give you a final product that can deliver on those specific requirements.

Real-World Success Stories

Nothing proves the efficacy of our customizations more than the countless real-world applications that already use our tailored solutions.

Transguard Group, a division of Emirates Group and one of the largest workforce suppliers for multiple industries in the UAE, customized their existing software and device firmware to add new features, specifically the requirement to include additional fields in their transaction logs. Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), one of the world’s leading Wellness Groups and manufacturer of hygienic paper products, deployed IXM TITAN devices and integrated Invixium’s workforce management solution with their Oracle HR cloud as part of its corporate digital transformation initiative. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a premier university in the US, deployed our flagship product IXM TITAN with a customization that enabled them to structure a single user profile by merging multiple duplicate cardholder records of each employee from their access control software. Marina Bay Sands, a landmark destination in the heart of Singapore’s vibrant city district, required a customization in their security solution that would dynamically increase the authentication requirements based on threat alerts along with a dual authorization feature which entails valid access by two authorized personnel to restricted areas, and Invixium delivered it.

To learn more about these success stories and about our other customizations at Fortune 50 companies, contact our team today.

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