Date: July 26, 2023 | Reading Time: 2 MINS

What Makes IXM WEB 2.3 a Standout Release

The latest release of IXM WEB, an enterprise-grade biometric software is available now for all customers with an active Annual Support Contract.

Our web-based, cloud-ready biometric software application, IXM WEB, is known to provide its customers with the best-in-class technology and the release of IXM WEB 2.3 with its enhanced security and efficiency is our latest endeavor in the same direction.

Invixium’s customers rely on the IXM WEB software that provides them with biometric access control and workforce management data that they require to run a safe and efficient business. To continually ensure the best performance for our customers and to maintain our position as leaders in the biometric industry we never stop working on software updates that ultimately improve functionality, enhance security, boast of new features, and eliminate bugs.


Let’s dive into the most notable features of this new and improved version:

Face Recognition Speed Improvement – Up to 3X faster!

One of the most exciting enhancements in this release comes from the improved speed of face recognition on our IXM TITAN and IXM TFACE products. Enjoy 2-3X faster speeds when authenticating and say goodbye to long queues and line-ups at the door!

IXM Convert – Reducing enrolment times

IXM Convert will now allow users to enroll faces of employees using static images, expanding the enrollment options beyond real-time capture for both platforms. This will reduce enrollment times as administrators will be able to enroll large workforces using only static images as opposed to enrolling users 1 at a time.

IXM WEB User Manual – Tutorials at your fingertips

A comprehensive IXM WEB user manual will now be available as part of IXM WEB with tutorials and tips to help you understand the range of features offered in our software.

Siemens SIPORT integration – Accurate and fast data exchange

IXM WEB is now integrated with Siemens SIPORT access control panel software to provide a seamless connection between the two systems, enabling data exchange and interaction. The Siemens SIPORT integration will now be available as part of IXM Link.

IndigoVision – Our first VMS integration!

IXM WEB is now integrated with IndigoVision’s Video Management Software (VMS) – Control Centre. This is Invixium’s first-ever integration with a dedicated video surveillance software provider that brings several benefits to businesses that rely on both solutions for their security operations. The key feature of this integration is that video recording or video surveillance can be initiated when a designated event occurs on Invixium devices.

Digital Card Upgrades – A seamless integration

Several improvements have been made to the digital card to generate custom card numbers, define Wiegand formats, use digital cards with Invixium devices when they are offline and more.

And Much More:

Apart from the abovementioned features, the following enhancements have also been made in this version of IXM WEB:

  • New reports added for employees and user access
  • Transaction Logs have customizable export options for specific log reports
  • The date format can now be customized as per the customer’s region
  • Support for face authentication on CredenceTAB
  • Support for dual authentication via OSDP
  • Improvements to security vulnerabilities and various bug fixes.

Installing the new version of IXM WEB is the best way to protect your organization from the latest security threats and keep your system modern and error-free. We recommend you have an active Annual Support Contract (ASC) before updating to the latest version of IXM WEB to have a smooth experience. For more details, contact us at support@invixium.com.

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