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Invixium and Credence ID partner to deliver a seamless biometric experience

Toronto, Canada – Invixium, a leading manufacturer of the most modern biometric products, today announced an innovative partnership with Credence ID, a leading provider of mobile biometric and credential reading platforms to deliver a seamless user experience and dramatically improving on previous access control and time & attendance solutions.

Based on the Android™ operating system, the embedded software of IXM TOUCH has been ported to the CredenceOne™ handheld device allowing quick device setting changes and enrollments via an intuitive interface. The integration allows for user record interoperability between the devices whereby a user enrolled on the IXM TOUCH stationary device can be authenticated on a CredenceOne™ mobile device and vice versa. For the first time, access control and time & attendance solutions can include both stationary interaction, such as a door or desktop device, and mobile interaction, such as a security officer or personnel manager, all using one common application. Additionally, organizations will now have an option to select advanced authentication methods, including fingerprint and up to 3 factors of authentication between access cards, fingerprints and PINs for added security as they transact on devices.

The partnership is an unprecedented win for the biometric industry as it provides partners with the benefit of expanding their solution offerings. This will enhance any access control or time & attendance deployments as fixed and handheld devices from two different manufacturers can now be installed on the same network, using a single software application, IXM WEB.

“We did it. This is an industry-first,” says Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium. “We are delivering on our promise of providing simple and easy-to-use solutions to our customers at a rapid pace.”

Invixium will be reselling CredenceOne™ devices with IXM embedded software under Invixium Certified Products (ICP) program. The ICP program was launched in February of 2015 to test, integrate and support complementary products into the IXM product ecosystem.

“We are delighted to cooperate with Invixium to bring this industry-first to market. It’s clear to us that many identification scenarios require a combination of both mobile and stationary biometric identity capabilities. Now this is available in a single integrated and certified offering,” says Bruce Hanson, President & CEO at Credence ID. “Together we co-developed and now provide a fast and convenient way to authenticate users, wherever they are, using a combination of strong authentication and a seamless end user experience.”

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