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Invixium Intersec 2017 Post Show Summary

Date: January 31, 2017 | Reading Time: 2 MINS

Dubai, UAE – Invixium launched its first suite of products – MYCRO, SENSE and TOUCH at Intersec 2013 and took the biometric industry by storm. Since then, the company has been making advancements at a pace that has left everyone in awe. In 2017, at its flagship exhibition – Intersec, Invixium amazed audiences by showcasing not only 1, but a total of 3 new products including the recently launched MERGE, making its first appearance in the middle east along with a new version of IXM WEB, now an enterprise software. With the most stunning booth at the tradeshow having a floor space of 102-square meters, comprising of a second-floor VIP lounge, beautifully designed brush aluminium finished walls, a 10-square meter LED wall, impressive environmental product displays to showcase Invixium devices in extreme conditions and handsomely mounted products for demos, the Invixium booth oozed originality and elegance. Nevertheless, the showstopper from Invixium was placed on a pedestal-like rotating platform that exhibited the mighty and stunning IXM TITAN – “The most advanced biometric product ever engineered!”

Product Titan
With the introduction of TITAN, Invixium has now ventured into the multi-modal market by adding face recognition and finger vein technologies to its forte. Some of the key features of TITAN include:

  • Face recognition with liveness detection
  • HITACHI’s finger vein technology for vascular recognition
  • LUMIDIGM Venus sensor or FBI certified SECUGEN U20-WR fingerprint sensor
  • 5.0″ LCD with Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor
  • 21 Megapixel camera for ultra HD 1080p video recording
  • Aluminium alloy enclosure

Consisting of a plethora of other mind blowing features, TITAN can be used ANYWHERE, for ANYONE!

Product Titan

Product Titan

The other product announcements at Intersec included:

  • TOUCH version 2.0 featuring –
  • A 5 Megapixel camera for face detection and capture
  • A faster 1 GHz processor and an increased 1 GB RAM
  • Increased 1:N User capacity of 20,000
  • Two colour options: White with champagne gold finish and Black with a titanium finish
  • An Intersec first for the beautifully designed and recently launched IXM MERGE and
  • An update to the proprietary Invixium software IXM WEB which is now an Enterprise solution with added modules such as IXM Convert and IXM Link, taking the Invixium product installation closer to plug and play for all system integrators.

Product Titan

With so much to captivate our visitors, it wasn’t a surprise that Invixium saw a flurry of guests on all 3 days and a lot of repeat visitors including leading access control manufacturers, customers interested in becoming Invixium distributors and resellers as well as end customers wanting to buy Invixium products right off the demo walls. Yes, it was a fantastic Intersec for Invixium and we plan to build on this momentum in 2017!

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