Invixium launches another Spectacle – IXM WEBSITE!

Date: December 20, 2016 | Reading Time: 2 MINS

Toronto, Canada – After the revolutionary launch of our latest product offering IXM MERGE in April 2016 that left every single person seated in the audience awestruck, Invixium is now ready to provide another stellar experience to its visitors via its new and stunning, completely revamped website. After undergoing months of research, benchmarking and content creation to ensure that visitors are provided with an experience worth remembering, the new IXM WEBSITE is finally here.

The new website has been designed keeping the core Invixium values of – “Design, Quality and Experience” in mind. As the Invixium brand continues to grow worldwide, the goal while designing the website was to provide the visitors with a better understanding of everything that the company has to offer ranging from its iconic products to seamless experiences and a trendsetting design. Working in collaboration with its graphic design and web development teams, the project commenced in April 2016. Our current as well as prospective visitors will be pleasantly surprised with how the final design has come together.

The new IXM WEBSITE is the first of its kind in the industry as it includes: 

  • Dynamic home page sliders for the latest announcements
  • Focused product pages
  • A perfect blend of animations and images for each product USP
  • A snapshot of the crazy Invixium journey from inception
  • An overview of our various partners, customers and leadership team
  • Contact details, blogs and news articles related to Invixium
  • Integrated social media buttons for effective communication

The website has been developed with a responsive design solely to serve the purpose of a refined experience for the visitors. A website with a responsive design ensures that in these modern times the visitors can have a seamless experience of the Invixium website on the go i.e. on any device and on any browser. To put it simply, the new IXM website will be available on multiple platforms and devices so that it can be accessed remotely as per your convenience. You will find the new website to be rejuvenating, user friendly and user oriented. We have worked hard to ensure that the website is future-proof and lively, so that changes can be made and new technology can be adapted in the future as Invixium itself grows and takes on new challenges.

“It’s not just a website,” says Mr. Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium, “Like our products, we have incorporated ideas that will make the entire experience breath-taking. Come and experience one of the most innovative and modern websites in the biometric industry.”

For more information, visit:
invixium.com or
E-mail us at experience@invixium.com.

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