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Invixium: Proudly Made in Canada

Date: July 1, 2017 | Reading Time: 3 MINS

Bold. Fearless. Unapologetically Unique.

That’s what comes to mind when we think of Canada. Our amazing country turns 150 this year and we want to dedicate a moment to honour this fantastic country that we’re proud to call home. As a Canadian start-up, it was important for us to highlight why we wear our ‘Made in Canada’ badge with such pride.

Since the inception of Invixium, we had no other intention other than getting into the biometric access control and workforce management industries. We knew what we wanted and we wanted it now, so we took the idea and ran – no – sprinted with it. We ultimately wanted to create a brand that focused on creating beautiful, soul-touching products that would change the way people thought about biometric access while highlighting the incredible opportunities that our country provides us with.

Why is it that customers looking for top quality biometric access products had to settle for clunky, industrial looking modules that are painful to use and install? With so many years of experience in biometrics along with a long list of “what not to do”, our founder Shiraz Kapadia decided that it was time to modernize and bring life to an antiquated industry. It became our goal to turn the security market on its head and become a trendsetter that everyone aspired to become. We want to be the benchmark.
So how did we achieve it? Simple. We obliterated limits, challenged the status-quo, and made it our sole purpose to make the impossible, possible. Sounds easy, right?

Our philosophy quickly turned to 3 key factors: design, quality, and experience. We strongly believe that ‘Design is Divine’ and it’s the design of our products that is an integral part of ensuring that they are visually stunning, tremendously powerful, and easy to use. Our promise of uncompromising quality has pushed every soul in the company past their limits, and it was that promise that urged us to make sure that we earned the right to put the ‘Made in Canada’ badge on each one of our products.

Known for its rigorous quality and environmental controls, keeping manufacturing here in Canada forced us to stick to the tempo of the Canadian tech market which intrinsically put us ahead of the competition. Where else will you experience summers heating up to +40 degrees Celsius and winters that go down to -40 degrees Celsius, all in the same place? We have extreme weather conditions, and you have to be extreme to live here. That’s the approach we take when developing a product. Yes, our products are Made in Canada. Yes, it can be done. We are taking this chance to prove that manufacturing in Canada doesn’t make you less competitive. If anything, it is the perfect balance of quality, costs, and control. Status-quo: smashed.

Canada is also very unique. Our country provides so many different cultures to hire from and interact with. We wanted to celebrate the diversity that collectively created Canada’s culture. Here, it’s highly possible to run a business that has employees from almost every country in the world. That means you can have all their knowledge, expertise, and attitudes come together under one roof to create one amazing company. You get the best of the entire world right here at home.

Canada has come a long way in the past 150 years, bringing to life some of the most significant advancements to humankind that are used all over the world. We’re bold, we’re fearless, and we’re sure as hell unapologetically unique. Here’s to the next step in our journey and all the opportunities that lie ahead.
Here’s to you, Canada.

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