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Why You Should Purchase an Annual Support Contract for Your Biometric Devices and Software

Date: January 18, 2020 | Reading Time: 3 MINS

Software, like any other product requires maintenance. After all, it is engineered like just another plethora of products that we use to run critical processes in your business. Hence, it is essential to have a maintenance agreement so that the software and services can run error free and does what it is supposed to: To help you run your business.

In other words, the maintenance contract is the insurance against bug fixes, errors and all other issues that might affect the product. It also helps you to save from spending more money and possible downtime.

Bug Fixes

With rapid changes in technology, software and security patch releases are inevitable. The Annual Support Contract (ASC) is going to help you ensure that your products’ compatibility and your user experience stay consistent. In a way, the updates are expected to improve product performances.

What Happens If I Don’t Have an ASC?

With every new product purchase, the minimum expectation we have is:

  • It should perform its intended function
  • It should work consistently

By forgoing a support contract, you can continue using your biometric system as is but you run the risk of incurring unexpected expenses down the road should you ever require support, creating anxiety and stress that could have been easily avoided. Not having an active ASC means that you will miss out on updates that may benefit your business which can potentially make your job easier.

Also, with every update, you have the option to have an expert guiding you through the process instead of having to do it yourself.

Now, imagine this:

  • Emailing a support request
  • Get a quote during the business support hours
  • Get the account department’s internal approval for funds
  • Receiving the authorization for funds
  • Preparing a purchase order
  • Get on a call with a support technician and perform a DYI troubleshoot
  • Receive an invoice and track it
  • Payment processing


  • Email and phone support from an expert support technician
  • Trained technicians available whenever you face any issue.
  • Remain up-to-date with the software and leverage the data to make important decisions.
  • The increased life expectancy of the software

ASC with Invixium

Invixium is a leading global provider of modern biometric solutions inclusive of devices utilizing face, finger vein and fingerprint recognition coupled with software IXM WEB, ideal for access control and workforce management applications.

Invixium’s ASC for the first 12 months is included in the purchase of the product or software and includes:

1) Post-sales support (email, phone, Skype) from the Invixium Technical Services team for biometric products, software, IXM Customizations, various third-party products and integrations

As well as:

2) Firmware and software updates that may include new features, enhancements and bug fixes

What Products are supported under the Invixium ASC?

  • IXM WEB 2.x
  • IXM SDK 2
  • Invixium Certified Products (ICPs)
  • Applicable sections of Invixium 3rd party integrations
  • IXM Customizations

Invixium’s ASC will help you to avoid all these hassles and let you jump the queue to get support before others who have not opted for it. The contract can be renewed every year so that you stay covered. Some of the benefits of the ASC are:

  • Complimentary updates for your biometric devices and software(s)
  • Optional participation in beta release software evaluations
  • Substantial reduction in costs and wait time
  • No auto renewals without your consent

ASC vs. Extended Warranty

To avoid confusion, ASC is support services via phone, email or Skype whereas Extended Warranty is repair coverage for your Invixium devices which has to be bought at the original time of purchase.

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