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Which Invixium Touchless Biometric Solution Is Right For Me?

Date: April 30, 2021 | Reading Time: 5 MINS

Biometrics have taken center stage in security conversations throughout the last year, and for good reasons. This sophisticated technology offers high security, appeals to modern design and promises scalability for whatever the world demands next. By selecting the right biometric solution for your business, you can achieve higher health, safety, security and productivity while minimizing costs and business risk.

What You Should Know Before Choosing A Biometric Device

Not every biometric solution is built the same. Before you begin, it’s a good idea to get a sense of what you need out of your biometric security system. Do you need high-security access control for a critical area, like a lab or data center? Or do you need a time tracking solution for a large workforce with many shift changes? While these are just a few examples, biometrics can satisfy almost any need – but it’s still important to have a general understanding of your application before meeting with a system integrator or installer.

You should also bring knowledge about the physical location where the device will be installed when meeting with a system integrator. If you need to secure a rugged outdoor environment, like a construction site, you will need to have a plan for protecting your device – such as an overhang – from harsh sunlight or heavy rain and snow. If you choose to use two biometrics – like face and fingerprint – for a challenging environment, you may need to invest more in a reader that can withstand dirty or wet hands, such as one built with Lumidigm’s multispectral fingerprint sensor.

As a manufacturer of high-end biometric solutions, our recommendation for the current climate is for enterprises to invest in touchless biometric technologies such as face recognition, temperature screening and mask detection. Touchless access control and time tracking have rapidly increased in popularity due to the pandemic because businesses of all types and sizes are looking for ways to reduce the spread of illness at work. COVID-19 is not the only pathogen that can live on surfaces, so our renewed focus on public health due to the pandemic will persist throughout future cold and flu seasons or the next outbreak of other illnesses.

Outdoor Installation Best Practices

  • For outdoor installs with direct exposure to sunlight, rain, or snow, an overhang for the product will be required.
  • The Lumidigm multispectral fingerprint sensor is recommended for all outdoor installations, available on IXM TITAN, IXM SENSE 2, and IXM TOUCH 2.
  • If the device is cold or frozen, do not attempt to power up. Allow the product to reach room temperature prior to applying power.
  • In colder temperatures, go ahead with the install when the device is at room temperature. Once powered on, the device will generate its own internal heat to continue running even in below freezing temperatures (rated to -20°C or below).
  • To maintain temperature accuracy of ± 0.5°C (0.9°F), the IXM TITAN with Enhancement Kit should only be installed in an area with an ambient temperature range of 10 – 40°C (50 – 95°F).
  • Our current products have been tested to comply with the industry rating of IP65 or IP67, which means that they are resistant against dust and water ingress when factory sealed.

A Touchless Solution That Promotes Healthy Access

Invixium’s flagship solution is IXM TITAN, a biometric face recognition device that offers up to four factors of authentication (face, fingerprint or finger vein, card and PIN). TITAN’s 5.0” LCD screen offers visual feedback during face recognition and dynamic alert messages. Built with our most robust features, TITAN is well-suited to large workforces, outdoor installations, and high-end offices and smart buildings. And it is built to scale: as our world keeps changing, TITAN can grow to accommodate new features to meet evolving needs, like our additions of temperature screening via the Enhancement Kit and face recognition while wearing a mask to respond to COVID-19. TITAN’s fast throughput (15-18 faces per minute authentication), large user capacity (up to 100,000 faces) and robust construction makes it a suitable solution for access control or workforce management in challenging environments: construction sites, mines, and other rugged industries.

Installed with the optional Enhancement Kit, IXM TITAN becomes a unique healthy access solution. Healthy access is a concept that will drive security in our world for years to come because reopening businesses are now more interested than ever in touchless solutions. Hands-free access, face recognition while wearing a mask, mask detection and temperature screening are all modern features that reduce the spread of illness at work. The Enhancement Kit offers automated frictionless screening with high accuracy and an optional audit trail. This accessory for TITAN is a versatile solution for a wide range of businesses, all of which can benefit from temperature measurement, custom notifications, screening instructions and more.

You can round out your biometric access control or workforce management solution with a software companion. For biometric access control, Invixium offers IXM WEB, an enterprise-grade software suite that is utilized for user and device management, as well as useful dashboards to offer insight into your building’s security. If there is an existing access control panel (ACP) installed on site, IXM Link integrates your IXM WEB license with leading ACP software brands for a seamless security experience. Currently unique to IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit, IXM Health offers at-a-glance analytics and custom screening instructions or push notifications for temperature checks performed by the Invixium solution.

Similar to above, workforce management installations will require IXM WEB for device management and dashboards and IXM Health for temperature screening-based analytics. Workforce Management applications will also need IXM Time, our solution for time tracking, that makes shift, employee and leave management easy while offering a wealth of report formats to import into your payroll software.

Contactless Face Recognition Made Simple And Affordable

If face recognition is still the right technology for you because you’re interested in investing in touchless security, but your installation location isn’t as demanding, consider IXM TOUCH 2 Face. IXM TOUCH 2 Face offers face recognition in a smaller, more affordable package. Built into this solution is a 2.4” LCD screen for PIN entry and employee clock-in/out, as well as up to four factors of authentication (face, fingerprint, card and PIN). This solution does not support temperature screening or mask detection, but still promotes staff and visitor health through its quick, hands-free authentication with face recognition. We recommend IXM TOUCH 2 Face for more predictable indoor environments such as office buildings, small to medium businesses and more.

All installations of IXM TOUCH 2 Face also require IXM WEB for device and user management and overview dashboards. Access control applications with an existing ACP system installed will need a license of IXM Link to simplify communication between your ACP software and IXM WEB to eliminate dual-entry of users and synchronize your security system in real-time.

For applications where IXM TOUCH 2 Face is used for workforce management, an IXM Time license will be required to gain access to the Invixium software’s range of employee, shift and leave management dashboards, reports and features.

The Next Steps To Invest In Biometric Security

Now that you’ve received a tour of our touchless biometric solutions, you should have a better idea of which device best meets the needs of your business. Whether you need a rugged temperature-based access control solution for a large workforce, a simple face recognition device for office doors, or an elegant time tracking solution for your showroom, Invixium has a product that can meet your needs and a team of experts ready to help you if you have any further questions for us.

As always, Invixium strives to be your preferred biometric manufacturer by offering the finest technology on the market with knowledgeable guidance.

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